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Monday, August 21, 2017

Thomas S. Monson

            Thomas S. Monson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, celebrates his 90th birthday today. He has been a General Authority of the Church for 54 years since he was sustained as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on October 4, 1963. He was sustained as President of the Church on February 3, 2008, following the death of President Gordon B. Hinckley.

            President Monson was asked a few days ago what he would desire for his birthday, and he repeated his birthday wish from nine years ago. In 2008 he was asked to describe his ideal birthday gift, and he said, “Do something for someone else on that day to make his or her life better. Find someone who is having a hard time or is ill or lonely and do something for them. That’s all I would ask.”

            This is the same message that President Monson shared in the April 2017 General Conference of the Church. In his closing remarks in the priesthood session of that conference the Prophet says the following. 

Brethren, let us examine our lives and determine to follow the Savior’s example by being kind, loving, and charitable. And as we do so, we will be in a better position to call down the powers of heaven for ourselves, for our families, and for our fellow travelers in this sometimes difficult journey back to our heavenly home.

            All who have studied the life of Thomas S. Monson know that he has often done exactly as he encourages the brethren – and by extension all of us – to do. He wants us to reach outside our own little circle and do something to help someone else. We can practice kindness, love, and charity in our own lives and become more like the Savior. The Prophet has shown us the way to do this. 

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