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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hate Groups and Racism

            Hate is hate no matter what group is spewing it or their reasoning behind their hatred. I do not understand exactly why there is such clamor about the latest hate movement. It seems to me that the clashes by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, are no worse than the riots caused by members of Black Lives Matter. Both groups are demonstrating hate for members of a different race and causing division in the nation.

            I suppose that one major difference is that white people are coming forward condemning the actions of the white nationalists and no blacks have ever come forward condemning the riots and other troubles caused by blacks.

            Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has been one of the most vocal whites to condemn the white nationalists when he sent out a 12-tweet message. He says that the white nationalists or “so-called `alt-right’ movement [is] a far-right political movement that rejects conservatism and embraces white nationalism.” He also says that the “alt-right movement” is “evil” and has “nothing to do with constitutional conservatism.”

            According to Shapiro, the mainstream media is attempting to make people think that the “alt-right” movement is bigger and more influential than it actually is. He compares the “alt-right” movement to a “replay of brown shirts vs. reds in Weimar Germany. They’re even carrying the same flags.” He says that the only way to end this “alt-white” movement is for everyone, including the White House and media leadership, to condemn it.

            This makes sense to me. However, the same treatment should be applied to every hate group – white, black, Hispanic, Muslim, etc. – across the board and in a unified way.

            President Donald Trump tweeted his condemnation the violence that took place in Virginia:
We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!

            I thought that the President sent a good message. “ALL of us are responsible to end this problem!” However, he was criticized because he blamed “many sides” did not specifically condemn the white nationalists and Nazis.

            Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee explained on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that there was little more that the President could have said because there was little information available when he sent his tweet. 

I think it was smart not to jump to a conclusion. We would have condemned him for that … Look, here’s the fact. No matter what Donald Trump said, there are going to be people who condemn his every word, his every action. Nothing will ever satisfy the Trump haters. And there are a lot of Trump haters within the Republican Party who jumped on him as well.

Let me just be clear. Donald Trump is no more responsible for Charlottesville than Barak Obama was personally responsible for Baltimore and Ferguson.

            All Americans are responsible to eradicate hatred and evil from the United States. Right or left, conservatives or liberals, we must come together and make it clear that we condemn violence and racism. We must be unified as Americans.

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