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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Transgenders in Kindergarten

            Liberty principle for this Freedom Friday concerns children and transgenderism. Children should be free from influence and pressure to change genders. Children are innocent and should not suffer this type of abuse.

            Children attending kindergarten in a California public school were recently taught about transgenderism by their teacher. It seems that one little five-year-old child is transgender. The child was born a male and came to school as a boy. “He” changed clothes sometime during class and came back as a “she.” The teacher then read two books on transgenderism to the children. Children who had never heard of gender identity are suddenly frightened that they will suddenly be turned into a boy – or vice versa.

            Matt Walsh is just as upset about this experience as some of the children’s parents who took the problem to a school board meeting. He says that the children were “dragged …into a demented, sexually deranged fantasy world invented out of whole cloth by ideological militants in the LGBT lobby.” He claims that the children were “damaged” by the “gender reveal” of their classmate. He says that the damage can be reversed by good parents “who wish to protect their children.” Even though he wishes that the children had not had this experience, he says that “we need to learn from it now that it has.”

What we learn is something that ought to have been obvious all along: kids don’t develop gender confusion on their own. They learn it. They are indoctrinated into it. They are programmed to believe it. It is forced upon them by the adults they love and trust. To put it more simply, they are confused about their gender because their parents or their teachers made them that way. Show me a “transgender” child, and I will show you an abuse victim; a child who has been psychologically tormented and manipulated by the very people entrusted with protecting him.

Here we have a case study where an entire classroom full of children became gender confused all at once. It’s like a disease they contracted, and their teacher is the mad scientist who gave it to them on purpose. None of them – save the one – were confused on the subject before class that day. But they came home in tears, confused and scared to death that everything they know about themselves may be a lie. The purpose of this “lesson” wasn’t to inform the kids about transgenderism, but to create transgender kids. And if these children are subjected to many more “lessons” of this sort, it may eventually have the intended effect for some of them.

            Like Walsh, I do not remember hearing about any people that were transgender when I was a child or even when my children were in public schools. Why are there so many transgender children today? I agree with Walsh when he says that adults are the ones who are making children gender confused.

            I believe that very few, if any, children are naturally confused about their gender. However, adults have great power over children because children are so easily influenced by the people they love and respect. If the adults are normal, the children will usually turn out normal. If the adults are wicked and perverse, the child will almost certainly have problems. If the adults in a child’s life talk about becoming transgender, the child will follow their lead and bear the scars and heartaches of becoming transgender. This is a sad but often true fact.

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