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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Events of the Millennium

            My thoughts frequently go to the words of the prophets and their prophecies of the latter days because of the many natural disasters in recent weeks and months. We know from the prophecies that there will be earthquakes in divers places, seas will go over their boundaries, and the air will be thick with smoke from fires. We have seen and/or heard of all these disasters in our own nation lately. I wonder, like many of you, what is happening. Are these catastrophes simply part of the cycle of nature, or are they increasing in preparation for the final destruction of the earth?

            Along with questions about the last days, I am thinking increasingly about the millennium. We know that the millennium will followed the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the earth and will last for one thousand years. We also know that those years will be filled with activity – preaching the gospel and uniting families for eternity.

            Because I am thinking more about the millennium, my interest was immediately caught when I saw this headline, “5 Things You Didn’t Know Will Happen in the Millennium” for an article written by Alexandra Mortenson. The author describes (1) the physical changes that will take place in our bodies, (2) the way that resurrected Saints will visit the earth to help with the work, (3) the revealing of new scripture, (4) the way we will do missionary work with good people of other beliefs, and (5) the coming together of all the lands of the earth into one continent.

            My understanding was increased by several of the author’s comments, the first one being about the changes in our bodies. I either did not understand or had forgotten that our bodies will be changed from a telestial state to a terrestrial state. We will be mortal and not resurrected, but our bodies will have no disease or pain. When we reach the age of 100 years (see Isaiah 65:20), we will not taste of death but be “twinkled” into eternity.

            I learned that we will receive more scriptures during the Millennium. The author quotes Elder Neal A. Maxwell as the source for the idea that “these additional scriptures will include the account of Enoch, the writings of the Apostle John, the records of the lost tribes of Israel, and the sealed portion of the gold plates.” Her words answered some questions that I have pondered for years. I understood that additional scriptures would be given to us when we have faith like the brother of Jared, but I did not know that we would be waiting until the millennium to get them.

            As to the missionary work during the millennium, the wicked people will be destroyed. This means that many good people who do not belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be living during the millennium. They will each be given the opportunity to accept or reject the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

            There will be only one continent during the millennium. The author suggests that we look at the outlines of the continents of the earth to see how easily a few earthquakes could move the continents back together. I have heard that the City of Enoch was taken from the area of the Gulf of Mexico, so I always imagine that it will come back to fill that hole. Only time will tell if it does, but imagining it being there does not hurt my faith.

            There are definitely exciting events in our future and the future of the earth. If we are righteous, we will be taken to heaven, while the wicked are burned with the earth. We will return to the new earth with the Savior and live out our lives during the millennium.

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