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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Obamas Still Around

            I thought that Barack and Michelle Obama would fade away when their time in the White House was over. I must have been hoping for too much because I was wrong in a big way! I guess it will be a while before they fade into the background and stay out of the public view.

            Mr. Obama seems to think that he is still the REAL President of the United States since all liberals appear to believe that Donald Trump is not. Mr. Obama spends his time flying around the world in the name of his “foundation” and visiting with the leaders of numerous nations. The problem is that he tends to follow President Trump around the world. 

            A few months ago he was in Italy at the same time that the Trumps were there. His current itinerary is for him to hold meetings in India, China, and France – just two weeks after President Trump met with the same leaders. Is Mr. Obama trying to undermine the current President? If not, why does he tend to go to the same countries at the same approximate time that President Trump goes there? Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump obviously have different agendas, but one would think that the former President would be more supportive of the current one.

            Michelle Obama is not far behind her husband in her speech making and travels. Rush Limbaugh recently stated that he believes that Bernie Sanders – a communist - is the front-runner for the 2020 Democrat nomination for President. He also believes that Michelle Obama is “the only person that can stop Bernie Sanders.” He thinks that Democrats are clearing the stage for her by the way they are throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus on a regular basis. Michelle said before leaving the White House that she was not interested in running for President. I wonder if she still feels that way. I guess that only time will tell.

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