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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Truth Wanted about Roy Moore

            I am troubled on several levels about the accusations against Judge Roy Moore, and I do not know where I actually stand on the matter. I certainly do not support sexual assault of any kind, but I do believe in repentance and second chances – even in politics.

            The first level that bothers me is that Democrats have a history of digging up dirt on Republicans – real or imagined – and destroying careers, but no Democrats are ever denied the opportunity to run for office or forced to leave office over alleged “sins.” I do not feel that I can believe anything that they say because they have lost every bit of credibility with me.

            A second level of my concern is why these women would wait 30-40 years to say anything about the alleged assaults. Surely there were other Moore campaigns or appointments in which they could have come forth! Why didn’t they challenge his appointments to be a judge? Why didn’t they come forth at previous times when Moore was in public office? Why now? The whole thing smells like politics to me.

            A third area of apprehension for me involves the fact that there are no recent claims. Surely, Moore worked and associated with many women over the past 30-40 years. Are any of them alleging that he assaulted them? If not, maybe he came to his senses. Shouldn’t he be given credit for becoming a better person and serving the public?

            Why are the GOP leaders throwing him under the bus without any proof being shown that the charges are honest? More important to me, why are my fellow Mormons – such as Mitt Romney - so quick to judge Moore? They must know that people can say anything about anyone at any time without there being any truth to the matter. Even President Gordon B. Hinckley had a smear campaign going on about him!

            Does Moore have skeletons in his closet that should prevent him from becoming a Senator? Is he any different than any of the other members of Congress? Are all the Senators and Representatives in Congress honest, moral, law-abiding citizens? Is there anyone in Congress or other leadership positions that has never done anything wrong? Why is everyone so judgmental and expecting perfection, particularly in GOP candidates?

            I hope that Moore does bring legal challenges against the women and have them state their claims under oath. The statute of limitation has mostly passed and most likely no legal punishment would take place, but there are other ways to bring him to accountability if he truly assaulted the women. However, if the women were only “uncomfortable” with something he said or outright lying, they should be proven as liars and held accountable.

            I personally am tired of all the “he says, she says” claims in the media. If there is a real problem, take it to the courts. I want to know the truth before the election is held!


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