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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fences Make Good Neighbors

            The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday is that fences make good neighbors.   Fences give boundaries for children, pets, teenagers, and adults. Glenn Beck shared his experience of going to his ranch and building/repairing fences with his fifteen-year-old son.

You know what we need to do with Mexico? Mend fences.

Now, that’s a phrase. You hear build a wall. That’s horrible.

No, no, no. We need to mend fences….

So you mend fences, which means, keep your stuff on your side. I like you. We’re good neighbors. You keep your stuff on your side and I’ll keep my stuff on my side and we’ll get together at the town hall and we’ll see each other at the grocery store. 

Because we’re good neighbors. But what stops us from fighting is knowing that there is a fence there.

This is my stuff. That’s your stuff. But we can still trade and we’ll help each other. But let’s stop talking about building a wall. Because that has all kinds of negative imagery. Mending fences is what we need to do.

You can have a tough fence. It could be a giant wall. It could be an electric fence. But you need one. And that’s how you come together.

            Beck used the analogy of repairing fences on his ranch in order to keep his cows from entering the property of his neighbor. He was also referring to the importance of have a fence along the southern border. Mexico and the United States can work together for the good of both nations, but there needs to be a fence along the property line.

            The “stuff” that a fence would keep out of the United States is human trafficking, illegal drugs, and crime. The fence would also act as a boundary to people who might wander across the border aimlessly in search of a better life. I agree with Beck when he says that mending the fence with Mexico – or building a barrier – would help the neighboring nations to be more neighborly.

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