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Friday, July 19, 2019

Critical Thinking Skills

            Parents and teachers can strengthen families, communities, and nations by teaching critical thinking skills to the rising generation. There are evil combinations in the world who are indoctrinating children, youth, and young adults in socialism and other evils. They are doing this by dumbing down education and replacing important skills and knowledge. They prefer that no one thinks critically about what they are teaching but merely do as they are told.

            It is important that all people use critical thinking skills to protect their agency and freedoms. I tend to believe whatever I am told – or at least I once did – and have been learning to think more critically. Therefore, I was quite interested when I saw a chart with the following information on it. I do not know the original author, but it may be Global Digital Citizen Foundation. You can obtain a copy of it at this site. 

The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Critical Thinking
Do you want to exercise critical thinking skills?
Ask these questions whenever you discover or discuss new information.
These are broad and versatile questions that have limitless application.

WHO              …benefits from this?                                          …have you also heard discuss this?
                                …is this harmful to?                                           …would be the best person to consult?
                                …makes decisions about this?                         …will be the key people in this?
                                …is most directly affected?                              …deserves recognition for this?

WHAT           …are the strengths/weaknesses?                      …is the best/worst case scenario?
                                …is another perspective?                                   …is most/least important?
                                …is another aftermath?                                     ...can we do to make a positive change?
                                …would be a counter-argument?                     …is getting in the way of our action?

WHERE         …would we see this in the real world?          …can we get more information?
                        …are there similar concepts/situations?         …do we go for help with this?
                                …is there the most need for this?                     …will this idea take us?
                                …in the world would this be a problem?         …are the areas for improvement?

WHEN  this acceptable/unacceptable?                   …will we know we’ve succeeded?
                                …would this benefit our society?                     …has this played a part in our history?
                                …would this cause a problem?                         …can we expect this to change?
                                …is the best time to take action?                     …should we ask for help with this?

WHY                  …is this a problem/challenge?                          …should people know about this?
                                …is it relevant to me/others?                            …has it been this way for so long?
                                …is this the best/worst scenario?                      …have we allowed this to happen?
                                …are people influenced by this?                      …is there a need for this today?

HOW                  …is this similar to____?                                     …does this benefit us/others?
                                …does this disrupt things?                                 …does this harm us/others?
                                …do we know the truth about this?                 …do we see this in the future?
                                …will we approach this safely?                        …can we change this for our good?

            These are all good questions that we should be asking whenever faced with a question, problem, or situation. By teaching critical thinking skills, we can strengthen families, communities, and nations.

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