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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Patriotic of Not?

            It seems that the patriotism of all Americans is under suspicion. It does not seem to matter what the problem or question is or which side you take in it, your patriotism is questionable.

            Just in time for the celebration of America’s birthday, WalletHub determined what makes a patriot and where the patriots live. They used thirteen key indicators that range from how many people in the population are enlisted in the military to how many voted in the last presidential election.

            The top ten patriotic states are as follow: (1) New Hampshire, (2) Wyoming.
(3) Vermont, (4) Utah, (5) Idaho, (6) Wisconsin, (7) Alaska, (8) South Carolina, (9) Missouri, and (10) Minnesota. When we break it down into categories, this is what we get.

·         Highest average number of military enlistees: (1) Georgia, (2) Alaska (3) South Carolina, (4) Texas. (5) Alabama

·         Most veterans per capita: (1) Alaska, (2) Montana, (3) Virginia, (4) Maine, (5) Wyoming

·         Most Peace Corps volunteers per capita; (1) Vermont, (2) Montana, (3) Oregon,
(4) Virginia, (5) Maryland

·         Highest % of Adults who voted in 2016 presidential election: (1) Maine, (2) Wisconsin, (3) Colorado, (4) New Hampshire, (5) Minnesota

·         Highest volunteer rate: (1) Utah, (2) Minnesota, (3) Oregon, (4) Iowa, (5) Alaska

            WalletHub gives many other statistics as well as their methodology. One thing that they determined is that red states are more patriotic than blue states. You can goto their site to see how your state fares in patriotism. 

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