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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What Happened to the Press?

            On June 29 there was a rally with a counter-protest in Portland, Oregon. The counter-protesters made up of left-wing groups included the local militant Antifa group. A conservative journalist by the name of Andy Ngo was beaten so badly that he was taken to the hospital for treatment. 

            Footage of the incident was captured by Jim Ryan, a Portland-based reporter. The footage shows that the demonstrators threw a milkshake at Ngo, punched him, and yelled at him. He was an innocent bystander who was attacked in an unprovoked and unnecessary attack. The attackers had no better reason than they did not like him.

            The media response is interesting. Conservative and mainstream media have covered the incident with the conclusion that Antifa is evidence of a left-wing violence problem in America. Leftist/liberal writers and social media accounts tell a different story. They say that Ngo is a far-right sympathizer who has acted against Antifa members in the past. The most interesting fact about this whole incident is the apparent lack of interest of media as a whole.

            Freedom of the press is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and numerous organizations claim to provide protection for journalists. However, many of them have not released any statements in more than a week about Ngo incident. It is reported that the attack caused a brain hemorrhage. This seems serious enough to warrant media coverage, but the attention has not come. Why?

            This is a good question, but no one seems to have an answer. These same organizations are quick to jump on any statements made by the Trump Administration that might sound like it is threatening freedom of the press. Yet, here is an actual attack on a reporter with no coverage from many organizations. It seems that freedom of the press may be facing danger from sources other than the Trump Administration. 

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