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Friday, July 24, 2020

How Do We Deal with Misguided Children of All Ages?

            To have strong communities and nations, parents must accept the responsibility to train their children to take their place as competent adults. It is all too obvious that too many parents failed as parents. Tomorrow marks two full months since the death of George Floyd, and “misguided children” are still running around destroying cities.

            Former congressman Allen West discusses the delusion of America’s misguided children. He asks a question that all of us should have asked weeks ago: “What does the destruction of statues of abolitionists have to do with George Floyd?”

OK, yes, that is the pure definition of a rhetorical question; it has nothing to do with it. And therein lies the crux of what is happening in America. The misguided children, and that reference is not based upon age, but rather level of rational competence, have taken a totally unrelated event and leveraged it for an ideological agenda that embraces violence. The nation was appalled at the George Floyd murder. However, the rational inquiry that should be mad3 is, what does tearing down the statue of Frederick Douglas or Abraham Lincoln have to do with George Floyd?

Matter of fact, what do Christopher Columbus, Teddy Roosevelt, or the Washington Redskins have to do with George Floyd? None of those whom I reference wore a Minneapolis police officer uniform and certainly have not been charged and sit in jail awaiting a court date.

Only the irrational, misguided children of the progressive, socialist left would deduce that the way to respond to that tragedy is with violence….

            It is fair to ask how parents are to avoid having children who are so misguided. The answer is to “parent them.” They teach them by word and example how responsible citizens behave. The “misguided children” who are destroying our cities do not seem to understand the time, effort, and money involved in creating viable businesses or building structures. They obviously do not understand that insurance does not always pay in full and that insurance rates increase with every claim made.

            West was quick to emphasize that the term “misguided children” does not apply only to the young to middle-age rioters. It can also apply to mayors and governors who allow the rioters to destroy their cities. The strange thing to me is that black lives do not seem to matter to the Black Lives Matter movement. There have been many blacks who lost their lives over the past two months. They were police officers doing their jobs, they were teens and young adults who joined the protesters, and they were children who were thought to be safe at home.

West said that we should have learned our lesson: We “cannot appease, compromise, negotiate, or acquiesce to the misguided children,” so we should stop trying to satisfy or placate them. He further stated that we should not allow “the misguided children to run the amusement park.” The adults who should be instilling “guidance, rational thought, discipline, wisdom, and discernment” are AWOL.

West clearly stated that adults who lack “the resolve, intestinal fortitude, and character to confront America’s misguided children” become “useful idiots” like those people used by Adolph Hitler. Unless adults soon take control, we will lose our country. We need parents who are willing to teach correct principles and train their children to behave properly if we desire to have strong families, communities, and nations.

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