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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Why Do Leftists Hate America?

            Leftists and Islamists hate both America and Israel. I sort of understand why Islamists hate Israel, but I do not know why they hate America – except that America stands in the way of the destruction of Israel. I have wondered for a long time why leftists hate America and Israel, especially leftists that live in America.

            I found an article about this topic posted by Dennis Prager at The Daily Signal, and I thought that I would share some of his ideas with my readers. As you may already know, Prager is a conservative Jewish-American, and he began his article with the following.

Perhaps the best way to understand the admiration and resentment elicited by the quality of Jewish life is to compare the reactions of the world to America’s quality of life. No other country has so many people seeking to move there. At the same time, no country, with the exception of Israel, is the target of so many hateful and false attacks.

The United States, because of its success and its ideals, challenges many people throughout the world. How did America, a nation composed largely of those rejected by other societies … become the most affluent, freest, most powerful, and most influential society in the world?

Americans generally attribute this success to the values of America’s founding generations (such as individual liberty, religious tolerance, Judeo-Christian morality, and secular government), to a work ethic, and to the subsequent waves of immigrants who embraced these values.

            Prager wrote that the enemies of America believe it is the “country’s natural resources” or “capitalist exploitation” that made the United States strong. The enemies of Israel “attribute Jewish success to their natural resource, alleged greater innate intelligence.”

… America’s values, not unfair resource distribution or world exploitation, have made the United States better, just as Judaism and its values, not genetic advantage or economic conspiracies, account for the quality of life led by Jews. The two people’s quality of life has provoked similar reactions – many admire them, and many resent them.

            According to Prager, resentment is the reason that the left hates America. He uses the issue of slavery as an example. The United States is not the only the nation the enslaved African. “Of the more than 12 million African slaves shipped to the Western Hemisphere, only about 3% -- between 306,000 and 380,000 – were sent to the United States. The other 97% were sent to the Caribbean and Brazil.” So, the left should hate Brazil if they hate the United States because of slavery. “Why? Because the left doesn’t resent Brazil. Brazil is not an object of envy.”

            The Arab world “enslaved far more blacks than the North and South Americas combined,” but the left does not hate them, even though “The Arab Muslims were the most murderous of all those involved in the slave trade.” The Arab castrated male African slaves and traded women and girls as sex slaves. Yet, there is no leftist anger towards Arabs and Muslims. In fact, “the left protects the Muslim and Arab world against moral criticism.”

            According to Prager, the left hates America and Israel for the same reason: their success. Their hate is caused by envy, jealousy, and resentment.

The left hates America for its success and influence on the world, just as anti-Semites hated Jews for their success and influence on the world.

The left doesn’t hate America because it is bad. It hates America because it is good. If the left hated evil, it would love America and hate its enemies.

            America is successful and powerful because America is good. If/when America stops being good, it will stop being powerful and influential. This is the reason why the left supports the rioters who are tearing down historical statues and monuments with the claim that they are racist and bad and doing their best to destroy federal buildings and businesses. They want to convince Americans that America is bad, so they constantly cry “racist” and “racism” instead of discussing principles and policies.

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