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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

What Do I Think about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Situation?

             As all the world seems to be obsessed with Prince Harry and his wife, I decided to add my two-cents worth of opinion. Like most of the world, I was shocked when the royal couple decided a year ago to make a drastic change in their lives. What was so bad about being a “senior royal” that they sought such a change? After all, Meghan was living the life that every little girl who dreams of – growing up and marrying a prince!

            None of us know the details or circumstances of the royal family. I doubt that even those who are involved in the situation know what really happened. It is common knowledge that two people can grow up in the same home, with the same parents, and the same basic life situation and still be complete opposites. We are all individuals who see, hear, and feel things in our own individual way.

            Having noted that people are all individuals, it is time to get down to my own thoughts. I believe that Harry – and Meghan to a lesser degree – are much at fault for the entire situation. Harry was well aware of the situation that his future wife would live. If he did not like it, he should have done something to make it different instead of rushing into marriage. William and Harry went through the same experience of losing their mother, Princess Diana. They both knew of the difficulties that she faced with the media chasing her and her children. Yet, they dealt with their experience and knowledge in different ways.

William dated Catherine for ten years before they married because he wanted to be sure that Kate knew what she would face as his wife. As a result, Kate was prepared and ready. Harry did not give Meghan much time to become accustomed to the royal way of life. The couple dated for about fifteen months before Harry popped the question, and they married a few months later. As far as Meghan is concerned, what did she expect? Did she think that she was just going to waltz into the British royal family and not have to make changes in her life? She should have done more research about the royals and their way of life before she fell in love with Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan claim that they had to leave the royal family because the evil media was destroying them. They could not handle all the media attention, but they thought nothing about doing an interview with Oprah and exposing their story to all the world. Were they thinking at all? Did they think that the interview would bring less media attention?

I know only few bits of information about the royal family life and the life of the Markle family. I do not know what was said or what happened, what should have been said or happened, or what should not have been said or not happened. However, I know that it is a bit odd for a young couple to be estranged from both her family and his family.

These are the facts that I know. Meghan is estranged from her white father, her white half-brother, and her white half-sister as well as her white in-laws. However, she is on good terms with her black mother. It is well known that Barack Obama related to the black side of his family more than the white side. Is it the same with Meghan? Could it be that Meghan is the racist, or is she trying to widen the racial divide?

Then there is the complaint that the royal family cut off Prince Harry’s finances. He has been forced to provide for his family from the $10 million that he inherited from Princess Diana. Most people that I know would consider $10 million to be a good chunk of money and would not be whining about having so little. Besides, Harry is a 33-year-old married man expecting his family to continue to bankroll his way of life – when he has money to provide for himself. Why?

Prince Harry and Meghan are upset that the Queen has taken back titles, etc. What did Prince Harry and Meghan expect? Did they expect to walk away from the “family business” – known as the Firm – and continue to reap the benefits without any of the work? I do not know any family business that shares the benefits with family members who are not working for the family business. Why should the royal family share their money with spoiled brats who did not want to be involved in the work?

In addition to all the above, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke an important rule: It is wrong to air the family’s dirty laundry in public. They were upset with members of the family, and the problem should have been solved privately with the family. They should have gone to those family members and solved the problem rather than go to the media. They were disloyal to the family that they claim to love. In addition, I find it ironic that Meghan was complaining about the way that she was treated, but she had no qualms about saying terrible things in public about Kate and the rest of the family.

As you can see, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cannot claim any sympathy from me. They sound like spoiled brats who “want their cake and eat it too.” They want the benefits of being senior royals, but they do not want the work and pressure of being senior royals. I do not know what went on, but I do not see any legitimate reason for Prince Harry and Megan to be acting the way that they do. If the family was doing some illegal, they should go to the authorities. Otherwise, they should be working with the family rather than throwing the entire royal family under the bus.

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