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Friday, March 12, 2021

What Is Critical Race Theory?

             Parents can strengthen their families, communities, and nations by understanding critical race theory. The theory is difficult to understand unless a person believes in left-wing ideology. Anyone that is not indoctrinated with leftism will not like it. Ellie Krasne reported on it at The Daily Signal.

Critical race theory is a popular left-wing ideology that purports to explain the societal inequalities that prevent racial and ethnic minority groups from achieving social and economic success. While it presents itself as fighting prejudice, a closer look reveals that it is the driving force behind much of today’s left-wing anti-Semitism.

            Krasne claims that Black Lives Matter as well as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) support critical race theory by being against Jews and Israel. Omar famously claimed that “wealthy, powerful Jews manipulate our political system for their own gain and against the common good.” Other Leftists support critical race theory because they believe that they are fighting against oppression. Yet, “their ideology’s logical conclusions are stereotypes and hatred that target the Jews.”

It also suggests that race, gender, and other identities are social constructs that support larger systems of oppression. White men – by virtue of their male sex and light skin color – are oppressors twice over, while black women are twice oppressed, and white women are both oppressors of blacks and oppressed by men.

Within this system, success is possible, but only if one joins the system that critical race theorists believe oppresses people of color. Thus, if an oppressed individual achieves success, he or she becomes an oppressor regardless of their identity.

          If you are having difficulty in understanding how critical race theory works, you are not alone. One of the reasons for misunderstanding is the treatment of Jews. There is “a great ethnic variety” of Jews, including “Indian, Ethiopian, North African, and East Asian Jews, as well as those of Central European ancestry.” Supporters of critical race theory do not recognize these differences and consider all “Jews are white, wealthy, and therefore ‘privileged’ – even more than other white people.” Not even the fact that “Jews make up 60% of all religious-based hate-crime victims” changes the Leftist thinking.

          Since critical race theory is likely to come to more and more neighborhood schools, wise parents will research the ideas and prepare to fight against it. Krasne explained that “Jews are first and foremost members of the oppressor class” according to “the theory’s perverse logic.” They bear “guilt for any wrong done to any nonwhite group by any white people. Simply put, critical race theory repeatedly casts Jews as having outsized economic success, even relative to other white people, and this supposed success makes them the worst of the capitalist oppressors.”

          It sounds to this writer like critical race theory is just an expanded view of anti-Semitism.” Krasne said that Jews have long been considered to be “racially inferior and extremely clever puppet masters who surreptitiously control banks, politicians, and the media.” She reminded her readers that Nazi Germany targeted the Jews “for being an inferior race and having an outsized grip on German political, economic, and intellectual life.” She claimed that critical race theory does the same. Critical race theory coupled with anti-Semitism “both target and Jews and blame them for perceived societal ills. She said that “Jews are just the scapegoat” while Leftists use “hatred of the Jewish people” to “upend the civic order.”

          Wise parents will research anti-Semitism and critical race theory to determine if they agree with Krasne’s assessment. Racism is racism no matter which race is treated as substandard. Jews are no more inferior than any other race. Parents can strengthen their family, community, and nation by teaching their children that all races are equal.

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