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Friday, April 9, 2021

What Should Parents Do to Protect Children Against Ideologies?

             Families, communities, and nations are stronger when adults protect the rising generation from themselves and others. Most adults recognize that children and teens lack the ability to make critical decisions. They are incapable of evaluating the long-term results or making informed decisions about risks and/or benefits. Therefore, states and nations pass laws that will protect children and teens from their bad decisions.

            Most states have laws against the purchase of cigarette, alcohol, and some over-the-counter drugs by anyone under a certain age. There are also laws designating the age at which a person can marry without parental permission or work in certain places like bars or places that serve alcohol. Since the rising generation is immature and vulnerable, there are also laws to protect them from legal problems. Yet, many American are okay with these same young people making life-changing decisions to have abortions or to receive sex alterations.

            The legislature in Arkansas passed the Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act (SAFE Act), which, according to Autumn Leva, prohibits parents, doctors, or anyone from interventions to change sex of minors. Leva continued as follows. Arkansas Law Lets Kids Be Kids (

This is essential, because the drugs used for these interventions are being used off-label and the procedures themselves suffer from a severe lack of long-term studies on the health consequences for children.

If a tattoo or piercing on nipples or genitalia is harmful to children and prohibited, then these sex-change interventions – which halt the natural development of breasts in female children, can include the removal of breasts and genitalia of healthy children, and can render male and female children sterile before the age 18 regardless of whether their genitalia or breast tissue are altered – are also harmful and should be prohibited. The SAFE Act will put this commonsense conclusion into action.

            Arkansas legislature passed the law, and then overrode the governor’s veto. The state now has a law to protect children and teens from life-changing alternations to their bodies. However, children and teens in other states do not have such protection.

            The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, and the U.S. Senate confirmed Dr. Rachel Levine to a senior position at the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine is a transgender woman who endorses hormonal and surgical interventions on children who are suffering from gender dysphoria. Today’s rising generation are growing to maturity in an environment where black is called white and white is called black, good is called evil and evil is called good, true is called false and false is called true.

            According to Amy Haywood, today’s parents must be more vigilant in teaching their children what is true and what is false. In addition, parents must equip their children with tools to use to “protect themselves from those who would violate their conscience.” Haywood continued with these paragraphs. Trans Activists in Schools Force Your Children to Violate Conscience (

One of the most egregious arenas where children’s civil liberties are being violated is in our nation’s public schools. Many schools in California are already implementing policies to enforce speech codes, which are in line with guidance from the nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association.

Schools are also urging students to keep social transitions to another gender secret from parents and are directed by policies pushed by activists and the National Education Association to hide changed names and pronouns on official school documents that an unsupportive parent might see.

            At the current time, school districts are adopting policies about sexual orientation and gender identity, but few states support those policies. If the U.S. Senate passes the Equality Act, Haywood said that it “would pave the way for these types of policies to be forced on all public K-12 schools nationwide, with the backing and enforcement of the federal government.” The proposed federal law would “supersede state laws on related matters” – such as “State laws that prohibit boys from competing against girls in sports….”

Since it is possible for the Equality Act to pass the Senate, parents need to prepare their children. Haywood suggests that parents “formulate a plan to anticipate these scenarios with their children before they are caught by an activist teacher or school. Some good questions to think about with your children are:

·         What will you say if a teacher asks you to introduce yourself with preferred pronouns?

·         What will you/we do if a teacher punishes you for using “non-inclusive” language in a writing assignment?

·         What will you/we do if you are penalized for “mis-gendering” another child?

·         What will you do when the only correct answer on a test forces you to choose that sex “is assigned at birth” by a doctor – rather than determined by chromosomes at conception?

Haywood suggested that parents talk with their “children about the facts surrounding the gender identity debate.” Even if you end up going to court, you should first provide the tools to your children to help them “know the difference between truthtellers land gaslighters.” She said that parents should “game out any scenario” that you suspect your child will experience – at school, at church, at soccer practice, or wherever – that “would cause them to violate their conscience.”

Parents do not have much control about what Congress will pass or what Biden will sign. However, they are “the most influential person in [their] children’s lives.” Parents should use that influence to help their children to develop wholesome values and the ability to withstand pressure from an “increasingly ideological education system.” When parents prepare and empower their children to withstand philosophical pressure, they will strengthen their family, community, and nation.

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