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Thursday, April 29, 2021

What Must We Do to Save the Babies?

             The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday concerns this simple fact: every life has value from conception to natural death and should be protected. With modern technology, there is no longer any doubt that there are human babies in the wombs of American mothers and not just “clumps of cells” as was claimed for many years. Most Americans no longer consider abortion to be the only answer to an unplanned pregnancy.

            Mary Margaret Olohan at The Daily Signal reported that “Republican governors are signing pro-life laws all across [the] country.” She stated that the governors are “ramping up pro-life legislation” to counteract President Joe Biden’s expansion of access to abortion. Pro-life laws in Arizona, Oklahoma, Montana, and Idaho were the latest ones to be signed. 

            In Arizona, Republican Governor Doug Ducey signed SB 1457 into law on Tuesday. This legislation bans “abortions based on a diagnosis of genetic abnormality like Down syndrome. Ducey tweeted the following statement.

Every life holds immeasurable value – regardless of genetic makeup…. Today I signed legislation to prioritize life in our preborn children and protect those with genetic abnormalities. Arizona remains among the top pro-life states in the nation, and my sincere thanks goes to Senator Nancy Barto for her leadership and work on this life-saving issue and to those who supported this bill.

            Also on Tuesday, Republican Idaho Governor Brad Little signed legislation into law. This legislation bans “abortions after an unborn baby’s heart can be detected.” A fetal heartbeat can be heard as early as 5.5 weeks, and an unborn baby can feel pain as early as 12 weeks.

            On Monday, pro-life bills were signed into law in both Oklahoma and Montana by two Republicans governors. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Montana Governor Greg Gianforte “each signed three different pro-life bills into law.”

            The Oklahoma laws “ban abortion after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected, classify a doctor performing an abortion as ‘unprofessional conduct,’ and require that doctors who perform abortions must be certified in gynecology and obstetrics.” The Montana laws prohibit “abortions of unborn babies capable of feeling pain, requiring ultrasounds before abortions, and adding requirements for providing abortion drugs to mothers. Gianforte made the following statement.

There were many who served in this building before us who championed the unborn, people who worked hard to advance the cause for life. Unfortunately, their efforts were vetoed. Not today.

            As the Biden administration expands “access to abortion through the country,” states are passing pro-life legislation to counteract the executive orders. Within days of his inauguration, Biden revoked the Mexico City policy that prevented federal tax dollars from paying for abortions in other countries. He “vowed to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land.” In addition, Biden took “steps to undo President Donald Trump’s Protect Life Rule, which prohibited Title X Family Planning Program funds form going to organizations that perform or promote abortions. He also “reversed Trump’s ban on using abortion fetal tissue for taxpayer-funded research.”

            In early April, the Biden administration announced that it is making abortions easier to obtain. It lifted “the Food and Drug Administration’s former restrictions on abortion drugs, allowing the abortion pills to be delivered by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.”

            Abortion is a scourge on our nation, and America will pay a terrible price for killing millions of innocent babies. The price we paid for slavery was the Civil War with its 800,000 dead. I believe that the price for abortion will be much greater. I am relieved to see that States are taking action to protect the unborn babies.

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