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Thursday, December 9, 2021

What Is the End Result of Leftists’ Ideas?

             The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday concerns the right to life for every human, including those who are unborn. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health, a Mississippi bill that would ban abortion after fifteen weeks gestation and likely overturn Roe v. Wade.

According to Ben Shapiro, leftists are in “full-blown panic mode at the idea that their “right to abortion” will be denied. They insist that the “right to abortion” or the right for mothers to kill their babies, is the only way to “equalize the natural inequalities of biology, by which women are saddled with the burden of childbearing and child rearing.” 

This war with biology is central to the left’s definition of autonomy itself. In the pages of The New York Times, Democratic activist Elizabeth Spiers made this perfectly clear in arguing that abortion ought to be considered the moral alternative to adoption.

“When I awoke,” she writes, “my son would wake up shortly after and I’d feel him turning and stretching, or less pleasantly, jamming his precious little foot into what felt like my cervix. This is one of the paradoxes of pregnancy: something alien is usurping your body and sapping you of nutrition and energy, but you’re programmed to gleefully enable it and you become desperately protective of it. It’s a kind of biological brainwashing.”

            Shapiro pointed out the irony in the leftists’ thinking about biology. They claim that it is okay for biology to dictate gender: “you can be a man in a woman’s body and that this represents not gender dysphoria – truly, a form of biological brainwashing – but an objective reality to which all of society should conform.” These same people “argue that biology creates morally unjust connections between mother and child.”

As Spiers says, “biological brainwashing … occurs during pregnancy”; mothers cannot “simply choose not to bond with a child she’s gestating solely on the basis that she is not ready to be a mother or believes that she is unable to provide for the child.” This means that women should consider killing the child rather than putting it up for adoption.

            Spiers is not the only leftists claiming that “biological brainwashing” takes place in the bonding of mother to child. The brilliant (sarcasm) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) describes “opposition to abortion as the legalization of ‘forced birth.’” She claims that biology imposes unfairness on women and that “ending a pregnancy by killing an unborn child is a restoration of the natural order.” Another irony in this whole argument is that leftists drop the wording of “birthing people” when they are fighting for a woman’s “right to abortion.” Shapiro does not buy Ocasio-Cortez’s reasoning.

Precisely the opposite is true, of course. A predictable result of sex – in fact, the evolutionary biological purpose of sex – is procreation. The process by which conception results in birth is continuous and natural. Interfering in that process by forced killing of an unborn human life is definitionally unnatural.

But so is the entire leftist worldview by which true autonomy represents an opposition between spirit and flesh. According to the left, any check on our ambitions—even a check provided by the reality of biology—must be overcome in order to establish true equality of opportunity. Women are different than men in biology; therefore, biology must be opposed.

The results of this madness are obvious: men and women alienated from themselves, angry at the realities of life, willing to forgo perhaps the greatest joy of existence—the perpetuation of the human species through the birth of children.

            The entire idea that biology is against women is insane. However, this “madness” is one result of taking God out of America. Those of us who believe in God and study His word know that God created men and women for a purpose. If He wanted all of His children to be the same, He would have created them the same. He created them man and woman for the purpose of marriage and the foundation of a new family. Leftist thinking is simply another way that Satan is working to destroy the family. Shapiro sees such thinking as suicidal for our civilization.

But other civilizations are not so suicidal. While we amuse ourselves to death, solipsistically [very self-centered or selfish], focused on our own subjective sense of autonomy, other civilizations recognize, at the very least, that biology is an inescapable reality. Those civilizations that best conform to the beauty of that reality will thrive. Those that do not will destroy themselves.

            The madness being perpetuated by leftists, if allowed to control Americans, will lead to destruction. It is not just abortion on demand. It is also same-sex marriage and transgenderism. Leftists have taken the beauty of man-woman relationships and turned it into ashes. We must defend America from such actions. Our very civilization depends on it!         

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