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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Why Are Biological Men Allowed to Compete in Women’s Sports?

             Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete, set new records in the Ivy League for women’s 500 and 200 freestyle. “She” also broke several women’s swimming records at UPenn. In his article about Thomas for The Daily Signal, Jared Eckert wrote the following: 

In the 1650 freestyle final, Thomas, who used to swim on UPenn’s men’s team as Will Thomas, blew the competition out of the water – finishing first with a devastating, 38-second lead. Sadly, stories such as this one have become more common. If the Biden-Harris administration has its way, they could become the rule.

Just a few weeks after Thomas trounced bi8iologically female teammates, President Joe Biden’s Department of Education announced plans to amend Title IX regulations to conform to the president’s executive order on what it calls “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.”

Such amendments by the Education Department would allow biological males to compete against women in the name of “equality” and “preventing discrimination.”

            How does allowing a biological male to compete against biological females bring “equality” to sports? Title IX was created to give women an equal playing field. Now, people have lost their ability to think clearly. Eckert wrote that such amendments “would contradict reality, equality, and popular opinion.”

Hormone levels alone don’t make someone a woman. And no amount of cross-sex hormones can undo the biological benefits of male genetics and development.

A 2020 study by the BMJ, formerly the British Journal of Medicine, shows that male athletes who are “transitioning” retain a competitive edge against women even after two years of taking estrogen.

            Progressives insist that we “follow the science,” but the science shows that the gender ideologues are not living in the same reality as normal people. “Thomas’ 38-second lead in the freestyle speaks for itself,” according to Eckert.

            NCAA and the International Olympics Committee are two organizations that consider it okay for biological males to compete against biological females. They require suppression of the biological male’s testosterone “for only one year before that male is free to compete against women.” They do not consider the fact that biological males have larger hearts and lungs and larger bodies with longer and stronger muscles. According to Eckert, the Biden administration is denying “the science of biological sex.”

However, denying the truth has consequences. Specifically, the denial of sexual reality robs women of the very opportunities protected by the federal law known as Title IX. Under Title IX, women’s athletics received equal resources for facilities, training, recruitment, and scholarships. As a result, far more women participated in sports.

In 1972, the number of female athletes in high school totaled 295,000. Now there are 2.6 million. The number of female college athletes has quintupled in that same time.

Title IX also is credited with decreasing dropout rates for women and increasing the number of women in higher education.

            Reversing the protection given to women by Title IX will have devastating effects on girls’ and women’s sports. Denying the “science of biological sex” is unfair to females, and girls and women could soon give up trying to compete if biological males are allowed to win their competitions.

            The 50th anniversary of Title IX takes place in 2022. Will elected officials – and feminists – “stand up for women, for reality, and for the American public.” Only time will tell, but “Enough is enough.”

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