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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Do You Believe in Boycotting Companies That Go Woke?

I have heard the saying “Go woke, go broke” for some time – cannot remember exactly when I first heard it. Apparently, the people in the boardrooms of America’s corporation did not hear the warning or did not believe it. Several corporations are learning the hard way that Americans are not supporting their LGBTQ+ Pride-focused marketing campaigns.

The collapse of Anheuser-Busch should have sent warning signals to all other corporations. The parent company of Bud Light lost $27 billion after they launched a demo featuring Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male pretending to be a girl. Miller Lite did not get the message and followed in Bud’s footsteps, but I do not know how much market value they lost.

Then there is the case of Target. You might remember that they adopted a policy of gender-neutral bathrooms in 2016. I have avoided the store since that time because I did not want to run face to face with a man in the woman’s bathroom.

Target’s latest trick was to release Pride-focused merchandise in their stores nationwide – merchandise that targets (pun intended) children. The goods include “tuck friendly” swimsuits to accommodate the boys who think that they are girls – but retain their male sex organs. In addition, Target featured “trans Satanist” merchandise. Target has paid dearly for their blunder because they lost $13.8 billion in market value.

Target’s downfall was helped along by rap song titled “Boycott Target” that soared to the top of iTunes charts quickly. Target refuses to admit to the real reason for their collapse, claiming that the cause was economic factors. However, similar stores did not see the same collapse in value.

In her article from which I got most of the above information, Sarah Parshall Perry asks some important questions: 

While the value of Anheuser-Busch and Target continues to plummet, the magnitude of their losses makes one wonder how they failed to foresee such a disaster.

That Big Business is marketing Pride isn’t a surprise. What is a surprise – especially for Anheuser-Busch and Target – is that consumers do, indeed, have their limits when being bombarded with liberal sexual orthodoxy.

The transgender ideology has been pushed on average Americans by political, academic, and corporate elites for years, with an uptick after President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021.

Unable to persuade moms and dads that their otherwise healthy children should undergo genital mutilation, rather than seek psychological treatment for underlying mental health conditions, trans activists turned to these cultural elites for help….

No doubt, Target and Anheuser-Busch were convinced by narrow-sighted activists that uber-woke Pride campaigns would benefit their bottom line. But everyday Americans were quick to remind them of a basic economic principle: Producing goods and services of value results in profits. Promoting corporate woke ideology results in losses.

America’s C-suites should take note lest they, too, go the way of Bud Light.

The experiences of Anheuser-Busch and Target show the truthfulness of the saying “Go woke, go broke!” Americans are tolerant people, but we can be pushed only so far – and we have reached our limits. If you do not believe me, go ahead, and go woke.

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