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Friday, February 23, 2024

Where Is the Justice?

Justice is not fair in America. In fact, there is increasing evidence that America has a two-tier justice system. Those who support Democrats have a get-out-of-jail free card no matter how many crimes they commit or how serious the crime. All others are treated differently.

Roman Jankowski, a senior investigative counsel for the Oversight Project at The Heritage Foundation, wrote about a case in Chicago.

A nasty divorce case has put a man behind bars for 18 months in Chicago’s Cook County Jail despite what he says is a clean criminal record.

Thanks to a law first proposed by Illinois’ black lawmakers after the George Floyd protests of 2020, thousands of dangerous inmates are being released onto the streets of Chicago and other cities, while those subject to civil complaints are jailed like criminals.

Such is the case of Illinois native Steve Fanady, 59, who has been rotting in a Cook County jail cell in solitary confinement for 18 months over an unresolved 14-year-old divorce settlement….

The Daily Signal spoke with Fanady via Zoom to bring attention to his study and shed light on the harsh consequences of woke measures such as the SAFE-T Act. Fanady said that he is being held in jail on a judge’s order until he can pay $10 million or transfer 120,000 shares of stock to his ex-wife.

He had agreed to give his ex-wife everything she demanded, and a judge allowed him to keep stocks he had in Swiss bank accounts, Fanady said. But, he said, he spent the next 10 years pursuing his business partners because she suspected them of hiding some of his assets.

In June 2022, a Cook County judge ordered Fanady to pay $10 million or transfer 120,000 shares of stock to his ex-wife, or face years in jail for indirect civil contempt.

Fanady told The New York Post that he never had “anywhere close to $10 million because he spent what money he had over “a decade of expensive divorce litigation and child support.” He says that he cannot provide proof that he no longer owns the stocks “because the record retention deadline on the Swiss accounts passed and documents aren’t available.” In addition, Fanady fears that the judge will “make another ruling, … making it almost impossible for him to get out of prison.”

Fanady told The Daily Signal in a Zoom interview that he “has been mistreated while in custody and is suing the sheriff for abuse. He added that his “cell is infested with rats and cockroaches” and that he was not allowed to “shower or get medical treatment for his physical and mental health.”

With both of his parents dead, authorities are concerned that Fanady will kill himself. So they keep him locked up in his cell, away from other prisoners – and release real criminals without cash bail.

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