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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

What Will Happen with the So-Called Border Security Bill?

Former President Donald Trump campaigned in the 2016 presidential election on a promise to build a wall and close the border. Democrats and too many Republicans fought him every step of the way. Despite the head winds that he faced, the Trump administration managed to build more than 500 miles of border wall. Some of the new border wall segments replaced old and incomplete fencing or other markers, and some of it closed previously wide-open spaces. However, the wall was never completed, and the Biden administration took full advantage of the lack of border security.

Within the first 100 days of the Biden administration, Biden signed executive orders to stop many of the good actions that the Trump administration had taken, including border security. Biden stopped “remain in Mexico. He stopped construction on the wall and paid contractors to store the border wall materials. He invited the entire world to cross the border, and he refuses to do anything to stop the consequences of his blunders.

Eight million plus illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States since Biden was inaugurated. Democrats refused to see any problem – until Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott began busing the illegal aliens into blue cities. Now the whole nation understands that there is a crisis at the borders – both north and south.

Senate leaders sponsored a “border security” bill, and a bill was written with both Democrat and Republican senators working on it. The bill was kept hidden for months, but the Senate finally released the text of a 370-page spending bill on Sunday. According to Virginia Allen at The Daily Signal, the so-called “border security” bill has $20 billion for “border-related provisions and $60 billion for Ukraine.”  Allen continued her reporting: 

The bill was originally intended to be a bipartisan compromise giving Democrats the Ukraine funding they have advocated for, and Republicans the border-security measure they have called for.

But border policy experts say the bill does nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

Once the bill was out in the open, Republicans studied it and discovered that the new bill was worse than the present laws. From all reports, the bill is on life support at present and will be dead on arrival in the House of Representatives. Biden came out of his basement long enough to put the blame on Trump and his MAGA supporters. Biden and his Democrat followers are spreading the word that Republicans do not want to secure the border. However, Americans are not stupid, and we are not blind. We know that Biden could shut the border today if he wanted to do so. He has the same laws that Trump had, and Trump secured the border!

Even Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s “Read Time with Bill Maher,” can see through the smoke and mirrors being thrown out by Biden. He knows that the hoards of illegal immigrants coming across the border are coming because of Biden’s blunders.

As reported by Laura Wellington at The Western Journal, Maher had New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and Jessica Tarlov, co-host of “The Five” on Fox News, on his show last Friday. Maher is liberal, but he is honest in his criticisms. He said that both Democrats and Democrats are “acting” when it comes to the border crisis. He said that Republicans do not want to solve the issue because it is a good point to use in this year’s political campaigns, but then he turned his “ire” on the Democrats. 

“Part two of the acting is Joe Biden saying, ‘You know what, if you just give me a new law.” A new law? Why doesn’t – the president can fix this. He already has the existing laws. This is all so silly. ‘I need a piece of paper from Congress to deal with the border.’ No, you already have that,” he said….

There’s no question Biden could stop this invasion of illegal immigrants.

House Speaker Mike Johnson shared the “Real Time” clip on X and said, “Even Bill Maher gets it. President Biden absolutely has the authority right now to fix the catastrophe he’s created at the border.”

This is an invasion by design, and the Biden administration is leading it.

The day he took office, Biden reversed everything former President Donald Trump put in place to control the border. He has done everything since to place our nation in a state of chaos while the invasion takes place.

All Biden needs to do is to return to the policies put into place by the Trump administration. The border was being closed, and illegal immigration was under control during that time period.

Even if Trump is re-elected, gets the wall built, closes the border, and brings illegal immigration under control, the United States will always suffer from the actions – or lack of action – of the Biden administration. Few of the eight million plus immigrants that Biden allowed into America will never leave. They are overwhelming our system and weakening our nation. Our Constitution and our nation are in great danger and will suffer greater destruction if Biden – or any Democrat – is elected as the next President of the United States.

Yet, all that Biden can say is, “Give me the power! Pass the bill.” Why would any person in their right mind give more power to the want-a-be dictator Biden?

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