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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Law of the Sea Treaty

                    The Law of the Sea (LOST) Treaty appears to be an international plan to redistribute the wealth of Americans to the people of the world.  President Ronald Reagan refused to sign this treaty (known as "United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS") in 1982, but some United States Senators now want to pass this treaty.

                    One of the events that led to the American Revolution took place in the Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773.  American colonists dressed as Indians raided three British ships and threw 342 chests of tea into the harbor to avoid paying the British-levied tax on tea.  Unfair taxation was one of the key issues leading to the Revolution. 

                    The current TEA Party arose in opposition to taxes being levied by the Obama Administration and other Leftists in the federal government.  Now the Left wants American citizens to be taxed by an international organization. 

Senators Orrin Hatch and John Cornyn wrote an article entitled "The Law of the Sea treaty will sink America's economy" for Fox (May 23, 2012).  For the "first time in history" "an international organization would possess taxing authority, and it would amount to billions of American dollars being transferred out of the US Treasury.
                    "The U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea or the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is the vehicle through which such taxes would be imposed on U.S.-based commercial enterprises.  The treaty that Reagan refused to sign in 1982 is reappearing once again in the Senate.  The truth is, LOST contains numerous provisions that hurt the U.S. economy at a time when we need more jobs - not fewer.
                    "Under the guise of being for `the good of mankind,' LOST would obligate the United States to share information and technology in what amounts to global taxes and technology transfer requirements that are really nothing more than an attempt to redistribute U.S. wealth to the Third World….
                    "In case proponents of LOST have not noticed, the US is over $15 trillion in debt, and we still have more than 20 million Americans who can't find a job.  The last thing we need to do [is] redistribute funds from our country to our economic and strategic competitors."

                    Heritage Action for America claims that the "treaty is an unnecessary and fatally-flawed pact that would radically alter American law, allowing an international organization based in Jamaica to erode US sovereignty."

                    Heritage Action for America claims that LOST would have the following effects:  1) "Lost creates the International Seabed Authority (ISA), a new, UN-style organization based in Kingston, Jamaica, that would be dominated by anti-US interests"; 2) "Article 82 of the treaty requires the US to transfer significant offshore energy royalties to the ISA, which is then empowered to redistribute those funds to developing countries, even if they are undemocratic or state sponsors of terrorism"; 3) "Part XV of the treaty requires the US to engage in mandatory dispute resolution, paving the way for reckless and politically motivated allegations from hostile interests"; 4) "Contrary to popular belief, the treaty was not fixed in 1994"; 5) "For more than 200 years, America has successfully preserved and protected its navigational rights and freedoms by relying on naval operations, diplomatic protests, and customary international law."

                    Heritage Action for America also has an explanation for why the Law of the Sea Treaty" is still a bad idea here.  The main reason why this treaty is bad for the United States is because it "undermines American sovereignty" and the US "has much to lose" through this treaty and "little to gain."

                    American Political Action Committee (AmeriPac) is asking us to contact our Senators and demand that they vote against this treaty.  "U.S. adherence to this treaty would entail history's biggest and most unwarranted voluntary transfer of wealth AND surrender of sovereignty.  LOST, which was a product of the Left/Soviet/unaligned movement agenda of the 1960s and 1970s, created the International Seabed Authority (ISA).  ISA is a new supranational organization with unprecedented powers:  1) The power to regulate seven-tenths of the world's surface area; 2) The power to levy international taxes; 3) The power to impose production quotas (for deep-sea mining, oil production, etc.); 4) The power to regulate ocean research and exploration; 5) The power to create a multinational court system to render and enforce its judgments!"

                    AmeriPac also claims that "LOST was drafted BEFORE - and without regard to - the War on Terror, and what the United States must do to wage that war successfully.  As a result, U.S. national security interests will be severely undermined by several of the Treaty's provisions…."

                    I believe that the Law of the Sea (LOST) Treaty is bad for the United States.  I encourage you to contact your Senators and demand that they reject the passage of this treaty.  If you want to contact all 100 Senators, you can do so through AmeriPac for a fee.  I plan to contact only Senator Murkowski and Senator Begich on my own.

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