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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mitt Romney for President

                    I sat through the GOP Alaska State Convention last month and was repulsed by the behavior of many of the supporters of Ron Paul.  If the behavior of those who want him elected as President of the United States says anything about the candidate, I absolutely do not want Ron Paul in that office.  I personally believe that he is too old to be elected to the most stressful job in the world. 

                    My respect and support for Mitt Romney continues to grow with the continuing coverage of his campaign.  I was very interested by an article written by J. R. Dunn entitled "Mitt Romney Will Do Just Fine, Thank-You."  I believe that you will find the article interesting.

                    Dunn wrote about the numerous ways that "Mitt has become something of a master campaigner."  A paragraph in said article states:   "A number of things have gone unmentioned about Romney -- by the media because they'll say nothing positive about him, by conservatives because they don't want to face up to it.  First, he does not miss a trick.  At the height of the Santorum's primary campaign, Romney managed to outdo him by the stratagem of sending one of his sons to campaign in the Marianas, picking up 9 delegates and added momentum.  This is something that would never have occurred to the conventional Republican political technician, most of whom have no idea where the Marianas are.  It's a swashbuckler's move, bold and imaginative in a way that we haven't seen much of in recent years.  The fact that Romney pulled it off without getting anything in the way of credit for it says more about the current political culture than it does about Mitt Romney.  (Under ordinary circumstances, Newt could be expected to admire such a move.  I have no doubt that Newt knows exactly where the Marianas are, and may be thinking about building a spaceport there.)"

                    The article brings a lot of different reasons why Mitt is a "master campaigner" and deserves to be read by everyone.  Obama must be a one-term President, and Ron Paul needs to bow out of the campaign and do it soon!  Mitt Romney for President of the United States!

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