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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lies behind Benghazi

                    I am writing yet another article about the terrorist attack in Benghazi because I believe it is important for Americans to know the truth.  I want to keep this awful event in the minds of as many people as possible and appreciate the information published from a "multi-part interview" about what took place in Benghazi.  Doug Hagmann interviewed "a government insider intimately familiar with the events" in an interview that "spanned over 100 hours."  Hagmann's source felt that it was important to publish this information separately.  I wrote about part 1 here  and part 2 here.

                    The source believes that "It's about the lie, and once you understand it, it becomes extremely revealing."  The source reminded us about the lies that were told right from the beginning:  1) The Obama Administration first said the attack was simply a mob reacting to a anti-Muslim video - "a deliberate lie to the American people"; 2) The administration said that the CIA operations center was a "consulate," even though they all knew it was not a diplomatic mission."

                    "Barack Obama has yet to look the family members of Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, or Glen Dougherty in the eyes and tell the truth.  He has yet to tell Americans the truth about the events of 9/11, and the reason for the lies, which continue through today…. They continue to lie to this day.  Who are they lying to and what is the logical reason for the lies?

                    "They are only lying to the American people.  All other governments know what's going on.  And most importantly, the reason they are continuing to lie is to cover up their plans as they are moving forward with their agenda.  Everyone must understand how important this is.  The Obama plan continues.  No one is stopping them or this agenda.  And in case you have any questions about what this agenda is, let me explain it clearly and concisely.

                    "Obama, Clinton, their foreign policy advisors and the people involved in this agenda intend to start a war that will make Afghanistan and Iraq look like a small police action by comparison.  They are going to start a war that will likely grow from a regional war to a global war, or WW III.  Afghanistan `imploded' when attacked, as did IraqSyria will not, it will explode.  Do the American people understand this?

                    "Until now, everyone has been focused on the `little lies' - the security, the misidentification of the CIA compound, the timeline, and on and on.  They want us to focus on the little lies so they can pull off the BIG LIE.  The big lie being told is that the U.S. is merely providing minimal support, including humanitarian aid to the Syrians so they can defend themselves from Assad.  That's the big lie that covers up what they are really doing in the region.

                    "The CIA compound in Benghazi was a logistics hub for weapons, but not only weapons from Libya.  Weapons ordered by and destined for other country, like Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other countries, knowing the plan, were allowing the weapons to be diverted, with Libya acting as the central shipping hub.  When Assad falls and U.S. troops are called in for ground support, who will they be fighting?  The Syrian army?  No, they will be fighting the Iranian army, the Russian army and the Chinese army.  Why?  Because Iran, Russia and China all have a stake in the region.  Putin called Syria his red line in the sand, and stated that WW III will start in Syria, not Iran.
                    "Benghazi is a moving target of little lies that serve as cover for the big lie.  Are Americans onboard?"

                    A large portion of Americans do not know anything about Benghazi because the lame stream media is not covering it.  How can Americans be on board when our government leaders lie to us and their lies are never challenged by the media?  I belief that there are millions of Americans that believe everything that comes out of Obama's mouth - if he says it, it must be true!  I believe that the lies started much earlier than the attack in Libya.  It seems to me that the entire "Arab Spring" took place in order to install a Muslim Brotherhood member in Egypt and to get rid of Gaddafi in order to open up Libya for this operation.

                    I wonder if the Obama Administration is leading us right into the middle of the great battle referred to in the scriptures.  The prophet Ezekiel prophesied (Ezekiel 38 and 39) that in the latter days, the King of Magog would lead an invasion of Israel.  "The prophecy points to a time when the heathen nations of the north would set themselves against the people of God and would be defeated, and led to recognize Jehovah as King.  All this appears to be at the second coming of the Lord." (See Bible Dictionary, p. 682.)

                    We may already be on the precipice of World War III and not even know it!

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