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Friday, October 24, 2014

Parenting Mistakes

                Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when mothers and fathers recognize parenting mistakes and correct them.  Most parents love their children and try very hard to rear them correctly; however, many parents try so hard that they go overboard and spoil their children while other parents avoid parenting all together.

                LDS parents are no different in these tendencies than other parents.  A blog by the name of “Aggieland Mormons” published an article entitled “4 Surprising Mistakes LDS Parents Make.”  I believe there is merit in reading the article because “good parenting is the greatest challenge in the world” (James E. Faust).

                The four mistakes cited are (1) Not prioritizing your marriage, (2) Letting children decide what they want to believe and follow without giving full gospel instruction, (3) Not having consistent family dinners, and (4) Keeping your kids in a bubble.

                I might have gotten three out of the four right – maybe.  I know I could and should have done better in a couple of them.  How do you fare?  Are you making these mistakes?  If so, you might consider changing your parenting ways.  Parenting is such a great responsibility and carries such great rewards or horrible circumstances.  We all must learn to do better and strengthen our homes, communities, and nations.

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