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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

End Times

                Do you remember the story of Chicken Little who got hit in the head with an acorn and thought the sky was falling?  He went around crying, “The sky is falling!  The sky is falling,” and most of the other animals in the story believed him.  Then someone asked to see the sky that had fallen and was shown the acorn.  The animals were relieved to know the sky was not really falling.

                The scriptures tell about the end of the world.  We know it is coming, and we know the signs leading up to it.  Numerous people have tried to convince us that it is near.  We must remember that Jesus Christ said that no one knows when He will return: however, He also told us to watch the signs of the times to know when the Second Coming is near.  I have been watching the signs closely for years, and I too believe the end times are coming near.

                Dr. Ed Hinson and Tim LaHaye co-authored a book entitled Target Israel – Caught in the Crosshairs of the End Times.  In an interview with Billy Hallowell of The Blaze, Dr. Hinson spoke of Israel’s role in biblical prophecy and five signs that show the end times are drawing near.  He called them “flashing warning lights.”

                According to Dr. Hinson, the five flashing signs are:  (1) the fact that Israel has returned to their Promised Land, (2) “rumors of war” can be found in the crisis in the Middle East, (3) the global economy shows a potential for some person or group of people to take over,
(4) weapons of mass destruction, and (5) the moral decay in our society.

                I am well aware of the five flashing signs noted by Dr. Hinson.  Israel has been returning to their Promised Land since World War II.  There have been wars and rumors of war since the Civil War.  I believe there are secret combinations trying to control the world; I believe we must expose these groups and destroy their power before they destroy our liberty.  Some twenty or thirty years ago, a man I consider to be a prophet, seer and revelator suggested that the end of the world would come through nuclear power.  The moral decay is the sign that I have been watching closely, particularly the attempts to destroy marriage and family.  Family is the core unit of our society; if it is destroyed, there will be no hope for the world.

                Hindson and LaHaye wrote the book because of “their lifelong concern for Israel and the Jewish people” and “their belief that scripture makes it clear that Israel will be a key fixture during the end times.”
                “`Our belief that God has them back in the promised land in the last days for distinct purpose and that they have always been throughout the last 2,000 years the target of irrational and irresponsible hatred worldwide.’”  They wrote their book to expose all the hate and to come to the defense of Israel.

                I too am concerned for Israel and the Jewish people.  For thousands of years they have suffered because of mankind’s hate and envy of them.  I do not wonder about how things will end because the scriptures tell us that Jesus Christ will come to the aid of the Jews.  Anyone and any country that fights against the Jews will also be fighting against God.  God knows all things and has all power; there is no way that puny little man can win against God.  I stand on the side of Israel and God!

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