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Friday, June 19, 2015

Order Brings Joy

                Family members can feel joy by living in an orderly home.  Orderly and joyful families help to bring order and joy to communities, and orderly and joyful communities strengthen nations. 

                Becky Edwards posted a seventeen-page outline how to have an orderly and joyful home.  It is entitled “Eight Systems for an Organized Homeschool – How to Bring Order to your Mind, Family, and Home so you can be a Present and Joyful Mom.”  All of us know the axiom “If Mom’s not happy, nobody is happy.”  This is a way to make Mom happy!  A free printable handout can be obtained here.  

                Please do not pass by this outline because it is for an “Organized Homeschool.”  There are good ideas in the outline that can help any family.  My children are grown and gone, but I plan to use several of the ideas to make my home more orderly and joyful and thus doing my part to strengthen my family, my community, and my nation.

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