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Monday, March 7, 2016

Cruz for President

                More and more people are taking another look at Ted Cruz, even some from Republican establishment members.  I found an interesting article written by a man who attended a Cruz rally and became a supporter of him.        Jack Cashill began his article, titled “Why I Am Supporting Ted Cruz for President” and published on March 4, 2016, with the following:   “I managed to sneak into a Ted Cruz rally Wednesday night in suburban Kansas City.  Upon leaving, I no longer counted myself among the uncommitted.  I and thousands of others in this overflow crowd had to be thinking the same thought, `Why would a conservative vote for anyone else?’

                “That is not to take anything away from the other candidates.  This is easily the best Republican crop in anyone’s memory.  Even the remaining go-along, get-along candidate, John Kasich, would make for a better president than the five go-along, get-alongs the Republicans have nominated since 1988….

                “Cruz represents conservative values more consistently, intelligently and forcefully than any candidate in the field.  I recall seeing George Bush speak during the 2000 campaign.  He used a briefing notebook to guide him through his speech.  Lacking a fully formed understanding of conservative principles, he had to remind himself how he felt about a particular issue, and Bush was a more serious conservative than Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, or his own father….

                “It is unimaginable that Cruz would falter so.  At the rally he spoke for forty-five minutes without notes, let alone a teleprompter.  His speech was a mix of time tested tropes and new riffs pulled from the headlines.  He did not stutter, stammer, or search for a word.  There was an ideological coherence to his presentation that I have not seen from a presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

                “Nor was this just all talk.  In his three-plus years in the Senate, Cruz has deviated from his stated principles far less than any of his colleagues and has the stab wounds in his back to prove it.  One can compromise, Cruz noted, on details like, say, the top marginal rate on taxes.  What one cannot compromise on are core beliefs….”

                I urge you to read Mr. Cashill’s article and take a closer look at Ted Cruz for President.

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