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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Religious Freedom

                I am more than a day late righting about religious freedom, but I wanted to be sure my readers saw this article by Matt Walsh titled “Pay Attention, Christians.  They’re Coming After the Churches Now.”  I found the information to be interesting and planned to share it with you last night, but I was barred from the computer while my husband did the income taxes.

                Mr. Walsh began his article, “It may be a matter of some interest to you that the American left is now openly declaring its intention to shut down your church and outlaw your religious expression entirely.  If you’ve been playing attention, you won’t be terribly shocked by this revelation.  They plan to come after the churches.  That’s what they’ve always wanted, and now they intend to do it.
                “The hysterical reaction to Georgia’s religious liberty bill can be interpreted no other way….”

                According to Mr. Walsh, the “horrific” and “heinous” bill would have “primarily accomplished the following:  protect a pastor from being forced to perform a gay wedding against his will, protect religious organizations from being forced to host gay weddings against their will, and protect religious organizations from being forced to hire someone who opposes their fundamental tenets, beliefs, and goals.”

                I do not consider the above mentioned freedoms to be outrageous.  Maybe the liberals really are coming for our churches.  I suggest you read the entire article because it has some funny comments as well as more information.

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