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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Basic Writing

                I started another semester in my Pathway studies.  My academic class is ENG 106:  Basic Writing; it is supposed to teach me how to write the basics of effective sentences, paragraphs, and short essays.  Completing this course will give me three elective credits at BYU-Idaho.  The class will run for fourteen weeks and has the following objectives.

                . Think, speak, and write critically about meaningful topics that affect your life.
                . Discover truth, beauty, and enjoyment through writing.
                . Share your thoughts and writings with fellow classmates, thus creating a real sense of audience (and                                           community) while developing interpersonal skills.
                . Analyze examples of effective and ineffective writing in order to emulate what works and avoid what                                       doesn’t work.
                . Understand how audience and purpose guides style, content, and organization in writing.
                . Generate a thesis and organize relevant support using rhetorical strategies appropriate for the context.
                . Use principles of free-writing, drafting, revision and editing to achieve polished prose.
                . Identify and correct common, sentence-level errors.

                I am a little divided on my feelings about this class.  On one hand, I hope to learn much that will help me in furthering my education and in writing better posts for my blog.  On the other hand, I hope that my previous posts have been interesting and not too difficult to read and understand.  You, my dear readers, will be the judge.

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