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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cruz Struggles in NY

                Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) left Wisconsin with a rosy glow but faced only insults in New York.  It appears that Senator Cruz is not welcome in Donald Trump’s home state of New York.  Senator Cruz will be in New York for a few days to campaign before April 19 when the state holds its primary.  Mr. Trump is currently 31 points ahead of the Senator in New York.

                Senator Cruz “met privately with supporters and community leaders Wednesday afternoon” in “a working-class neighborhood made up largely of blacks and Latinos.”  “One Jewish supporter” was present in the Chino-Latino restaurant Sabrosura 2 with a couple of other supporters waiting patiently to shake Senator Cruz’s hand.  The rest of the people in the restaurant were press.  It does not appear likely that Senator Cruz will win in New York.

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