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Monday, April 3, 2017

Mike and Karen Pence

            I have watched in amazement at the flack sent towards Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen simply because they put boundaries around their marriage. The boundaries make common sense to me, but I am not a feminist or a supporter of feminism. There more I hear about the doctrine of feminism and the actions of feminists, the more convinced I am that I have chosen my position wisely.

            One of the problems that I have with feminists is that they do not seem to know what they want or where they stand. They do not like men for the way that men treat women, but they find fault with Vice President Pence for loving his wife enough to want to be faithful to her. For whatever reason, feminists on social media seem to think that the boundaries set by the Second Couple are dehumanizing for women. I can think of no reason why showing love and respect to a spouse should be considered dehumanizing!

            Feminists, in my mind, are looking fairly stupid right now. They fault Donald Trump for divorcing two previous wives, and then they fault Mike Pence for being faithful. They do not seem to know what they want. I would much rather be married to a man who loves and respects me than a man who sends pictures of his junk to young girls (Anthony Weiner), has affairs (Bill Clinton), or thinks he is a woman (Bruce Jenner).

            I commend Mike Pence and encourage him to stay true to his marriage vows. I know a lot of couples who set the same or similar boundaries around their own marriages. Marriage is sacred. When we consider something as sacred, we do what we can to protect it. Mike and Karen Pence seem to be doing a good job of protecting the sacredness of their marriage.

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