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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Corruption Takes Lives

            Unbelievable Stories keep coming out of Broward County, Florida. We did not want to believe the first story, that of a school shooter killing seventeen people. Sadly, most of us are no longer surprised to hear of a shooting at some school in the nation. However, there are stories that are difficult to believe.

            The first unbelievable story was of the sheriff’s deputy who stood outside the school while the shooting took place. Then we heard of the three other deputies that drew their guns and hid behind their cars. The deputies were apparently ordered to stay out of the school until they turned on their body cameras. Since they had no cameras, they failed to enter the building to stop. They were supposedly good men with guns, but they took no steps to stop the shooter.

            After we got used to the story of the non-protective deputies, we started hearing about collaboration between the school district and the sheriff’s department. Now we hear that the NAACP was involved also. 

Rather than base the school’s disciplinary policies on keeping students safe, Broward County School District adopted an NAACP-advised, social-justice “PROMISE” program. Thanks to then President Barack Obama, politically motivated, race-based school policy wasn’t unusual. As noted by American Thinker, “In Obama era … considerations of race routinely shaped educational policy.”
“(A)cross the country, students of color, students with disabilities, and LGBTQ students are disproportionately impacted by school-based arrests for the same behavior as their peers,” read the agreement between the school and law enforcement.
The solution? Look the other way.
What began as a somewhat innocuous policy of overlooking students’ “minor offenses,” turned into a culture of turning a blind-eye to serious crimes. After all, how could crime and incarceration statistics continue to fall if reports were made by the school and arrests made by the authorities?
            It sounds to me that Broward County School District entered into the agreement in order to obtain more money for higher statistics. It also sounds like Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was hoping to get some political payback for having a safe county. NAACP naively thought that they were helping minorities. This is what usually happens with liberals doing the thinking and planning. Now their plans and works are being brought out into the open, and they do not look so wise.

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