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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of Israel

            The United States officially dedicated its new Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday. Several Republican Senators traveled to Israel for the grand opening, but there were no Democrat Senators in attendance.

            Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) was part of the American delegation, and he called the act of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem “a long overdue recognition of history and reality.” He described the mood at the opening ceremony to be “optimistic” and “upbeat” in spite of the “unfortunate” and “tragic” protests. He continued with this statement.

It is unacceptable that people would choose to respond with violence to a move that is as innocuous as the United States moving its embassy to the actual capital of the host country. Think about how odd this is.

            Many people are excited to have the embassy moved, but others are throwing fits. As Senator Lee points out, the people who are upset are the “same people who wouldn’t want the state of Israel in existence in the first place.” He says that Jerusalem “is, in fact, Israel’s eternal capital,” so people might as well get used to that reality.

            The United States did the right thing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and to move the nation’s embassy to Israel’s capital city. Palestinians are going to be violent no matter what the United States does, so the U.S. might as well do the right thing.

            The fact remains that there would be peace if the Palestinians wanted peace, and Palestinians would not exist at all if Israel wanted war.

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