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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Migrant Caravan

            A caravan from Central America left southern Mexico in late March. At one time there were 1500 people in the caravan, but a little over one hundred reached the United States-Mexico border recently. After a journey of approximately 2,000 miles, the migrants are camped outside the U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico, and are applying for asylum in the United States.

            Eleven migrants, suspected of being from the caravan, have been charged with crossing the border illegally, but a few are being allowed to enter the US. Eight migrants entered the USA on Monday night and seventeen on Tuesday. Most of those admitted are women and children. There are about 115 migrants still waiting.

            According to the Border Patrol, there are approximately 15 terrorists who attempt to enter the U.S. every day. Therefore, the agents must be careful of who is allowed in our nation. Border Patrol facilities are full, so migrants are being told that they can be processed only as quickly as there is room.

            This writer agrees with Donald Trump. We must secure our border in such a way that people cannot sneak across. Then we must close the loopholes in our immigration laws. We must definitely end “catch and release.”

            The United States is a wonderful place to live. However, it does not have the capacity to welcome all who want to come here to live. There is only so much room and only so much ability to help refugees and illegal immigrants. The nations in Central and South America must get their acts together to provide for their own people and stop depending on immigrants living in America to send money home.

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