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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trump or Resistance?

            The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday is a question: How much damage is being done to the Constitution by the battle between President Donald Trump and the Resistance? Much of the resistance comes from supporters of Barack Obama that are imbedded in the federal agencies as well as the entire lame stream media. Resisters started protesting as soon as the results of the presidential elections became clear, and the resistance is continuing to hobble the Trump administration.

            The Resistance is slowing the accomplishments of the Trump administration, but it is not stopping it. Glenn Beck says that the Resistance has “Trump derangement syndrome.” He believes that this “syndrome” will lead to Trump winning in 2020 by a “landslide.” Democrats have been counting on a “blue wave” that would restore their power in Washington, D.C. However, they have watched their “lead” slowly decrease over the past several weeks.

            Beck recently called out the media for their bias in covering President Trump. He cited the “Trump derangement syndrome” and told the media that they had driven him to become a Trump supporter. Beck was a “never Trumper” before the election, but he has had enough of the extreme bias. He recognizes Trump’s numerous success stories and says that he will vote for Trump in 2020 because the behavior of the media and the rest of the Resistance has pushed him over the edge.

            Blogger David Prentice compares the situation between President Trump and the Resistance to the volcano erupting in Hawaii. He recognizes that some “lava” has been flowing and destroying everything in its path, but he believes that the problem will be blown wide open soon. He is screaming “Code Red” because he believes that the Resistance is going to get much worse.

Code Red. It’s about to blow…. That’s hard to believe, but just watch. Yes, they have been spewing destruction in their wake for well over two years now. Destroying property, lives, states, cities, nothing escapes their toxic brew.

The trigger for the eruption of the last years has been Trump. How dare he beat them, their agenda, their candidate? Doesn’t he know who they are? For that insolence, he, his family, his friends, his associates, every member of his administration, his voters, literally anyone who says one good thing about him must have lava poured on them 24/7. Maybe forever.

This has been non-stop since he won. Unfortunately, it’s about to get worse.

            Prentice seems to have the same attitude toward the Resistance as Beck. The “lava” that he speaks of is the ever-present negative attacks. President Trump has had some huge successes, but the media fails to report them. “To the leftist media, nothing good comes from Trump. It’s all terrible. So they continue to spew rivers of lava 24/7. They continue to lie, make up narratives, sources, stories, anything they think can derail Trump….”

            Like Beck, Prentice says that the “journalists” consider Trump to be “horrible, stupid, and evil.” He says that the Resistance is going to get worse because the Inspector General (IG) report is coming out. It was supposed to be out in March, then April, and now May. Either the IG is being hobbled also, or he continues to uncover more information.

            The most recent tactic by the Resistance is to pretend that spying on Trump was a good thing. It seems that the more investigating that takes place, the more swamp creatures are exposed. Prentice suggests that President Trump knows more than he is letting on about the whole deal.

One by one all these bad apples have been exposed, demoted, fired, outed, and reported on by real journalists named Sara and John. Does anyone really think that Trump hasn’t had a hand in that? Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Yates, the whole lot of them … are losing.

… The IG report is the next big explosion. It’s quite clear the Mueller appointment is not what the left hoped…. Even without the leftist media reporting on these horrifying bureaucratic shenanigans, the American public, well over half believe Obama wrongfully spied on Trump.

Trump knows all this. He knows who the bad guys are, and how bad they were….

… The ever-increasing lava-spewing by the MSM will no longer help them. I am surmising there are players who have turned to plea bargaining and have spilled the truth out. I am thinking that all of them are going to start jumping ship like the rats they are, beginning with the IG report. There’s going to be Hell to pay. The public will hear the IG report….

Code Red for the left. Worst cognitive dissonance ever. They have no clue what is about to hit them.

            Some people call the Resistance “the swamp.” I call them secret combinations, and I pray daily for their exposure and for their power to be destroyed. Secret combinations are inspired by Satan, and their main goal is to destroy freedom. The best way to destroy the freedoms of America is to destroy the U.S. Constitution. This is the goal of the Resistance, and they do not care what they have to do to reach it.

            Apparently, President Trump understands the goal of these secret combinations. He stands firm and continues to move America forward in spite of the road blocks thrown into his path. I pray for his protection and for the safety of all those who are striving to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States. May God bless President Trump and may God bless America!

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