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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Border Crisis

            The U.S. Senate is set to vote on a joint resolution of disapproval of President Donald Trump’s claim of a national emergency on the southern border. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the resolution last week, and the Senate seems to be ready to do the same.

            It seems that Senator DavidPerdue (R-Georgia) decided to see the situation in person, so he traveled to the southern border and to speak with the Border Patrol. He says that he was not prepared for what he saw. 

I saw something that I was not expecting….

I expected to see the human trafficking, and we saw that with (Border) Patrol overnight…. What I was not prepared for was the size and scope and how dramatically the drug trafficking has grown….

This is a drug crisis of gargantuan proportion.

            The Senator explained that Border Patrol agents are “distracted” by human trafficking, and the Mexican cartels slip drug traffickers through the border. It seems that the drugs are the money makers with $30 billion compared with $2 in human trafficking. He said that there is “no doubt in his mind” that there is a crisis at the border and reminded us that walls work. “We know that where you build walls, illegal activity drops by 95 percent.”

            Maybe it is time for Mitch McConnell to take all the Senators on a field trip to the border. If the liberals in Congress – including Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Susan Collins (Maine), Thom Tillis (North Carolina), and Rand Paul (Kentucky) -- saw the same things that Perdue saw, they might not be so willing to jump on the Democrat-sponsored resolution of disapproval of President Donald Trump’s claim of a national emergency taking place on the border.

            President Trump does not seem too concerned that the resolution was passed by the House of Representatives or the possibility of one being passed by the Senate. “We have too many smart people that want border security so I can’t imagine it (the resolution) will survive a veto.” It seems that he will take his chances in his efforts to secure the border and protect the American people with or without help from Congress.

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