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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Voter Fraud Is Real

            No one should be surprised or shocked with the information published by The Heritage Foundation about voter fraud. This site gives the following information about voter fraud: 1,177 proven instances of voter fraud, 1,019 criminal convictions, 48 civil penalties, 81 diversion program, 14 judicial finding, and 15 official finding. You can find the information for any state. I repeat that these are proven cases of voter fraud.

            Conservatives have, for years, been trying to clean up voter rolls and make sure that only living Americans vote and vote only once. Democrats, on the other hand, register dead people and encourage people to vote more than once. They even encouraged illegal aliens to vote in our elections. Just a few days ago Nancy Pelosi suggested that all the “newcomers” coming across the border illegally should have the right to vote! This site looked at The Heritage Foundation information and wrote the following. 

The Heritage Foundation has released documentation revealing nearly 1,200 “proven” instances of voter fraud in just the last couple of years….

It found a long list of ways to cheat in the American elections.

They include ballot-petition fraud, which involves forging the signatures of registered voters. Another is buying votes, simply paying voters to cast a ballot one particular way. A third is duplicate voting, where voters register in more than one jurisdiction.

Then there are false registrations, using a phony name or fake address, fraudulent use of absentee ballots, which involves getting someone else’s ballot and turning it in, and illegal “assistance” at the polls. That’s forcing or intimidating voters – particularly the elderly, disabled, illiterate, and those for whom English is a second language – “to vote for particular candidates.”

Impersonation involves voting in the name of someone else – who is a legitimate voter, and ineligible voting covers illegal registrations and voting by those who are not citizens, or are convicted felons.

            There are many ways to commit voter fraud, and some of the people who do so are quite brave. It has not been too many years since Anchorage discovered that one of its police officers was an illegal alien. Here is some of the latest news on this want-a-be officer. 

Records from the Alaska Division of Elections reveal that a former Anchorage Police Officer convicted on federal charges for false claims of citizenship and passport fraud has voted repeatedly in federal, state, and local elections in Alaska dating back to 1991. Raphael Mora-Lopez – a.k.a. Raphael A. Espinoza – voted most recently in 2010, casting ballots in the local municipal elections as well as both primary and general state-wide elections. In all he voted no less than 41 times over a 20-year period.

            Mora-Lopez was not charged with any of the 41 counts of voter fraud – a class C felony in the State of Alaska. The State did press charges over the $27,000 that Mora-Lopez obtained from Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend payouts, but they only slapped his hands. He was sentence to 24 months in jail but all 24 months were suspended.

            The Alaska Division of Elections purged Mora-Lopez’s name from the voter rolls, but officials do not seem over-anxious to correct the weaknesses that allowed him to commit voter fraud in the first place and to restore residents’ confidence in the integrity of Alaskan elections. Alaska is supposedly a conservative state, and it is not taking action to insure integrity in its system. There is little wonder that there are bigger problems in the liberal states.

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