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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Democrat Implosion

            The Democrat Party seems to be destroying itself. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seems to have lost control of her party to the Left. The only members of the House that are in the news are the three Democrat women – the anti-Semitic Somalian-American Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, the idiot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, and Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. If these women are any indication of the future of the Democrat Party, the party is facing extinction, and they can blame the media for their over-the-top attention to whatever the women say or do.

            In an opinion piece at the Deseret News, Larry Pressler says that the Democrat members of Congress are handing Donald Trump a victory in 2020. He claims that “Sen. Harry Reid and other leading Democrats” are saying the same thing. Pressler says that it is the House investigation into Trump that will cost them the election. 

            Mueller has been investigating Trump for two years and has not found any evidence that he colluded with Russia. The Senate investigated Trump and said that they found no evidence. In spite of nothing being found in those two investigations, the House has launched another one. “Chairman Jerrold Nadler of the House Judiciary Committee issued more than 80 subpoenas to the president, his Cabinet officers and his family.” Pressler says that responding to those subpoenas will paralyze the Trump administration, and the House will not get anything done while they search for something – anything – that Trump did wrong.

I would predict that as this year progresses, our citizens will increasingly feel that we should give President Trump a chance to do his job and not have his department spend all their time answering fishing expedition inquiries. We are talking about truckloads of papers that each department has to produce. The subpoenas seem to have almost nothing to do with current issues such as the deficit reduction, immigration policies, tax reforms or important issues that Congress should be considering.

The Trump administration is likewise being paralyzed by these harassing subpoenas – and the public is beginning to be aware of it. As the spring and summer progress it will be more and more apparent that critical public decisions are not getting done in either the U.S. House or the White House. The Democrats are overplaying their hand.

            In addition to the three new faces of the Democrat Party and the Democrats’ continuing attempt to find something on Trump, there is the humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern border. In spite of the media’s resistance to printing the truth about the situation, the facts are getting out to the American people.

            Then there is the Black exodus from the Democrat Party. I have never seen so many Blacks coming out as conservative and encouraging other Blacks to leave the Democrat plantation. Now the Democrats are allowing anti-Semitism to gain open footage in their party. In addition, there is the recent bill passed by Democrats in the House to give the vote to 16-year-old teenagers!

            It seems very likely that Democrats are starting to see the coming train wreck for their party. Is it possible for them to slow the speed of destruction and gain control of the party? Only time will tell. I am hoping that Donald Trump wins re-election by a landslide!

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