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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Invasion of America

            It seems that America is being invaded by all types of people for numerous reasons. We hear of thousands of migrants who are crossing the border each month. We hear of heavily armed men escorting a mother and child across the border.  We even hear of U.S. soldiers being disarmed and interrogated by Mexican soldiers who crossed to the U.S. side of the border. 

            President Donald Trump declared that there is a national emergency at the border and has diligently tried to provide a barrier to stop of the hordes of invaders. The statistics collected by Daniel Horowitz are absolutely unbelievable. He put together the following “statistics from the March data and the cumulative numbers of illegal aliens and family units crossing this fiscal year.” These numbers clearly show that the President is absolutely correct in his declaration of a national emergency. 

103,492: The total number of illegal aliens and inadmissible aliens apprehended at and between points of entry in the month of March…

1.2 million: How many in a year if March’s pace continues….

$168-180 billion: The lifetime cost of 1.2 million illegal aliens per year….

57,27l: A record number of family unit apprehensions (number of people apprehended with family members) in March….

189,584: The number of family unit apprehensions between points of entry for the first six months of fiscal year 2019….

218,645: The number of family unit apprehensions between points of entry since Judge Dana Sabraw ruled last July that all parents or adults [who] brought children must be released with the children….

4,647%: The percentage increase in monthly family unit apprehensions between points of entry since the low of the “Trump effect” in April 2017 through February 2019….

422,334: The total number of illegal aliens and inadmissible immigrants, including single adults, who have been caught at our border….

104: The number of large groups, defined as 100 or more, coming in at once to surrender to border agents and shutting down their resources….

            Border towns are being overrun by the illegal immigrants. Yuma, Arizona, declared an emergency situation because of the numbers of migrants coming into the city. Horowitz concluded his article by sharing what he considers to be “surprising” information from the March statistics:

One of the surprising data points from this month is the surge in single adults in addition to family units. While two-thirds of the illegal immigrants were family units or unaccompanied minors, the number of single adults increased in raw numbers by 30 percent over February….

            Doug Hagmann is another person who recognizes that America is being invaded. Quoting or referring to much of the information stated above, Hagmann shares the following information.

We are either a sovereign nation with secure borders and proper enforcement, or we are not. You cannot have it both ways, despite what the Democrat-Socialists in Congress, ideologically driven “Communist red-lined” black-robed rogue activist judges, those occupying other elected or appointed positions throughout the United States and the Socialist corporate media want you to believe….

To be clear, this invasion is not new. Reports dating back more than a decade … describe similar events, but the invasion is growing more intense and extreme by the day….

It is generally accepted that when the army of a foreign country crosses the border of another country, it is an act of war. When will Americans wake up to the fact that we are indeed at war? When will we hold to account the enemies within who are facilitating the enemy, from the denizens of the Deep State embedded in positions of elected and appointed leadership to the members of the complicit media? How many more citizens must be killed by the acts of these illegal invaders before we say, “ENOUGH?”

            I believe that it is safe to say that the United States is being invaded. I also believe that the invasion is being driven by individuals or organizations who are attempting to destroy the constitutional government of our land. These hordes of invaders are not spontaneous. The people are coming because someone is telling them something. Who it is and what they are saying is not fully known, but we can be sure that there are evil powers behind the invasion. I say, “ENOUGH.” We need to stop the invaders!

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