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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Does Iran Want War with the USA?

            It seems that Iran wants war with the USA because it fired fifteen ballistic missiles at U.S. military forces stationed in Iraq. Iran is attacking Iraqi citizens and Americans on Iraqi soil. That is an act of war. The sight has been described as a “massive fireworks demonstration in the desert.”

            Neither the White House or the Pentagon reported on casualties or damages. President Donald Trump tweeted at 9:45 EST that “All is well! … So far, so good! … I will be making a statement tomorrow morning.” 

            In an interview with Sean Hannity on the Fox News channel, Senator Lindsey Graham described the action taken by Iran as “act of war … by any reasonable definition.” He continued by saying the following:

The missiles were launched from Iran at targets inside of Iraq housing U.S. military personnel. The president has all the authority he needs under Article II [of the Constitution] to respond, and how he responds is yet to be determined, but he has that authority to respond.

[He] doesn’t want regime change, he wants the behavior of the regime to change in three areas. Their ballistic missile program needs to change… they need to stop being the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and we need a nuclear deal that does not ensure them a pathway to a bomb, like [President] Obama.

The facts are that Iran has performed several acts of war towards the United States personnel and property. Trump has acted with restraint each time. The fact that US military did not immediately return fire at Iran shows restraint on the part of America. It appears that Trump is “the only adult in the room” at the time. 

Will Iran continue to act like a spoiled brat that did not get its way, or will it start to act like an adult? Did Iran intentionally shoot to miss Americans, or were they just bad shots? Was Trump talking brashly about hitting 52 spots in Iran, or is he prepared to do it? If 15 ballistic missiles do not cause Trump respond, what will? What will morning bring? Will the US be drawn into war, or will we hear good news from Trump? We will know the answers to these questions in a few short hours. Meanwhile, we should pray for peace.

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