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Sunday, January 19, 2020

How Long Will the Impeachment Trial Last?

            Today was the first day of the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump. Senators were sworn in as jurors and opening statements were made last week, but today the trial began. Senators are under confinement for the trial. There is no allowance for cellphones, talking, or escape. The Senators will sit at their desks as House prosecutors and Trump’s defense team present their arguments. 

In fact, the following statement will be made at the beginning of each day of the trial: “All persons are commanded to keep silence, on pain of imprisonment.” This proclamation was first made in 1868 at the trial of President Andrew Johnson. It was heard again at the trial of President Bill Clinton. President Trump is only the third President to be impeached, but he is the first to be impeached without committing a crime. 

The House of Representatives impeached him for purely political reasons. They know that they cannot beat him in November 2020, so they are trying to weaken him with impeachment. I wonder how long the trial will last before the Senators get antsy and want it over. I wonder if it will last long enough to even call witnesses. I hope that Americans citizens are watching and taking notes. How can anyone in their right minds support the Democrat Party after watching the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing and the House of Representatives impeachment circus?

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