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Monday, June 28, 2021

Who Is Dan Crenshaw?

             My VIP for this week is Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas). Today he said what most Americans must be saying about U.S. hammer thrower Gwen Berry. During a medal ceremony on Saturday, bronze-medal winner Berry “turned her back to the flag and draped a T-shirt with the phrase ‘Activist Athlete’ over her head while the national anthem played.

            Berry’s action was obviously a protest against the national anthem. Crenshaw declared that Berry should be “removed from the team” for showing disrespect to the flag. 

We don’t need any more activist athletes. You know, she should be removed from the team. The entire point of the Olympic team is to represent the United States of America. That’s the entire point, OK.

So it’s one thing when these NBA players do it – OK, fine, we’ll just stop watching – but now the Olympic team?” And it’s multiple cases of this. They should be removed. That should be the bare minimum requirement.

            If Berry does not like the flag and the national anthem of the United States of America, she should not be allowed to represent our nation. We deserve to be represented by people who love America and will do their best to represent us well in every way. I agree that Berry and all other “activist athletes” should be kicked off all national teams.

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