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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Where Is the Compassion Promised by the Biden Administration?

             Former President Donald Trump visited the southern border today with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. They did not go to El Paso for a photo opportunity as did Vice President Kamara Harris, but they went to the “belly of the beast” – one of the places where hordes of illegal immigrants are crossing. Trump and Abbott met with the people working at the border and with the citizens being affected by the travelers crossing their property.

            Abbott has declared illegal immigration to be an emergency in his state, and his administration is taking steps to protect Texans and Americans. The situation at the border is a problem created by the Biden administration. They inherited the most secure border in the history of the nation where the streams of people had decreased to trickles – manageable numbers.

The Trump administration had done all the work and put in place all the policies. All the Biden administration needed to do was not mess it up – but they messed it up by changing all the policies and inviting hundreds of thousands of people to come into our nation illegally. The number of illegal immigrants that have crossed the border since January 20, 2021 – those that have been caught – have reached approximately one million. At least one million people have entered our nation in five and one-half months!

            While the Biden administration and its supporters are changing the makeup of our nation with thousands of new immigrants, they claim that opponents of their border policies are racist, xenophobic, or without compassion. They can add frustrated and angry for the people dealing with the border crisis. Stephanie Hubbell, a resident of Arizona, recently spoke with Shea Garrison

[The Biden administration] is giving a lot of false hope. [President Joe] Biden invited [illegal immigrants] over and they are sleeping in the streets in Gila Bend because facilities are all full. They bring them from Phoenix, dropping them off [by] the busloads. What they think they’re getting [doesn’t happen] and what they’ve been falsely promised by the Biden administration isn’t what is happening.

            Hubbell got the wrong end of the Biden promise. She arrived at her clothing boutique in Sonoita, Arizona, in early April to learn that traffickers of illegal immigrants had broken into it. The traffickers had recently been released from jail, and they stole money and merchandise and left behind drug paraphernalia.

            The Hubbell family have lived near the Arizona border for 17 years, but Hubbell has never seen a border crisis like the one created by Biden. There is a high level of criminality, a stark lack of law enforcement, and large numbers of illegal immigrants flooding into her community with no place to live or any food to eat. They come with the belief that they will receive food, health care, and lodging, and many of them get nothing.

            With the high numbers of immigrants coming, the Border Patrol stations are full. So, the government is spending American taxpayer money to buy hotel rooms. Some of them receive money and airline tickets – but many of them are left with nothing but empty promises.

            The Biden administration made lots of promises to lure the thousands of illegal immigrants here. Hubbell believes that the administration would have made better plans for the immigrants if they really had compassion for them. The hordes of people come, but they are on their own when they arrive. Since the Biden administrative refuses to act to correct the problem, we can only assume that they want the crisis to continue.

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