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Monday, July 19, 2021

Who Is Karen Fann?

            My VIP for this week is Karen Fann, the president of the Arizona State Senate. She has led the forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona. She has been professional and focused on discovering what happened during the election. When historians look back on the 2020 election, Fann may be considered to be one of the main heroes of our time.

            After a hearing on the audit was held by Fann last week, Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers called for a new election. According to Kane at Citizen Free Press, Fann stated that the Arizona Senate lacks the authority to recall electors. 

Fann told One America News Network that the Arizona Senate has the power to help the auditors get the materials and information they say they need (likely through more subpoenas, along with a door-to-door canvass), but the question of decertifying the election will be left up to others.

“The Senate body — we do not have the authority to do that. So, this is what we have said, and I want to make this very clear on the record,” Fann told host Natalie Harp.

“We as a Senate body — we have the ability to subpoena information because we make laws. And we’re entitled to have the information to determine how to write those laws. That’s why we are successful in court, and that’s what we’re doing. It’s all about election integrity. It’s not about the Trump-Biden race. It’s not about the Kelly-Martha McSally race,” she added, referring to the presidential election and the U.S. Senate contest won by Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly.

“I am not saying there is no way it can be done. What I am saying is our Senate body does not have the authority to do it. However, we will turn [the audit’s findings] over to the attorneys general, not only on the state level, but on the federal level. And we will turn it over to Congress, and they can make those decisions. And that is, I’m saying, if there were any wrongdoings,” she said.

“It could be that we might just find a lot of irregularities in the sense there were problems with the votes,” Fann acknowledged. “But if, if, if those determinations show there was enough difference in a count of the electoral — particularly since it was such a small margin here as it was in some other states, then Congress is going to have to take care of that.”

“They are going to have to make those decisions. This has never happened, in my knowledge, in the history of America. So, I don’t think there’s any precedent set for it at this point,” she said.

            Fann seems to be operating on logic and common sense as well as her knowledge of her responsibilities and authorities. She sounds like a rare politician and one that we can trust to find the truth.

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