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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What Can America Do to Help the Protesting Cubans?

            Thousands of Cubans have been protesting in the streets against the communist regime controlling their nation. Cuba has been under communist control for sixty years. The communists have used all the money available. Now there is not enough food, water, medicine, or electricity. The people are tired of the oppression, and they are risking their lives in protesting.

            The Biden administration was slow to say anything about the communists, but it was finally forced to make a statement against it. Republicans in Congress are trying to get a statement out in support of the protesters.

Senator Rick Scott (R-Florida) represents many people of Cuban heritage, and he has heard many stories. Protesters are being beaten. They are being drug out of their homes by the hair of their heads. They are being arrested, and no one knows where they are. In an interview with Rachel del Guidice, he suggested that there are three things that America should do. 

So here’s what we got to do. We’ve got to do three things. The first thing is Joe Biden’s got to stand up. There’s hashtags that we ought to use. Dónde está Joe? Where is Joe? Joe’s nowhere.

Remember, he didn’t want to be in all those international clubs. Like, you work with [French President Emmanuel] Macron, [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel, and [U.K. Prime Minister] Boris Johnson. Well, maybe he should call all of his buddies and say, “You know what? We actually do believe in democracy. We do believe in freedom. We’re going to go help the people of Cuba and stop this dictatorship down there.”

But has he so far? No. And look, that’s No.1. He needs to do that. We need to call him out for that.

No. 2, we’ve got to get the internet back on. We’ve got to figure out, whether government does it or private sector, we’ve got to get the internet back on so the people of Cuba can share where they’re going and how to deal with their government. The government of Cuba is scared to death of them, and they should be.

And No. 3 is we’ve got to talk about what’s going on. We’ve got to talk about what’s happening to José Daniel Ferrer. We’ve got to talk about what’s happening to the Ladies in White. And we got to show the pictures of the protests.

And whether the mainstream media will do it, we can do it. We can put it up on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and all that stuff. We can get the message out. If we do, we’re supporting them, and we’re going to see new government. If we get a new government in Cuba, we’ll get a new government in Nicaragua, we’ll get a new government in Venezuela, and we’ll stop the protest in Colombia.

            The protesters in Cuba deserve our support. Cubans have been oppressed by communists for more than sixty years. They are risking everything by protesting for freedom.

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