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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What Are the Results for Today’s Primary Elections?

            The primary election in Pennsylvania took place one week ago, but the votes have not been counted yet. Why does Pennsylvania have so much trouble counting votes when other states with similar or higher populations have election results within hours of the close of the polls? One thing that the Pennsylvania election shows is that there is need for reform in their mail-in voting process and ballot counting process.

            Georgia, on the other hand, reported that Governor Brian Kemp is leading David Perdue by approximately fifty percentage points. Hershel Walker also won his race for the Republican candidate for the Senate. Why can Georgia make this report on election night, while Pennsylvania is still counting votes a week later? Georgia reworked its election laws since the 2020 presidential election. Democrats declared that their election laws would curtail voting, but results show that more people came out to vote with confidence that their vote would count.

            Numerous other states tightened election laws over the past two years. Were enough changes made to ensure an open and fair election? I hope so. I hope that I never live through another election like the 2020 presidential election. 

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