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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Why Is Violence Not Condemned by Democrats?

            The leaked Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization came out on May 2, 2022. Since the leak occurred, many pro-life organizations have been attacked. On June 13, 2022, John Knox put the number at 41. Yet, the Department of Justice does not take actions against any of the perpetrators. 

According to Jarrett Stepman, conservative leaders noticed the lack of DOJ action and recently sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Kristen Clarke, assistant attorney general for civil rights. The leaders requested that the DOJ address the recent wave of attacks on pregnancy resource centers and churches. 

The severity of the situation calls for your leadership. This continued assault on religious and pro-life groups because of their beliefs is a manifest injustice that requires prompt, comprehensive, and public response.

            As Stepman reported, the leaders noted in their letter that the attacks were occurring prior to the leak of the Dobbs decision, but they “intensified” after the leak. The writers of the letter called for the DOJ to investigate and to take actions to stop the violence.

Since May 2020 over 130 incidents have occurred across 29 states and the District of Columbia at Catholic properties alone. Incidents include arson, statues beheaded, limbs cut, smashed, and painted, gravestones defaced with swastikas and anti-Catholic language and American flags next to them burned, and other destruction and vandalism. A number of these incidents appeared to express hostility toward the Catholic Church because of its beliefs on the sanctity of life in the womb.

We call on you to publicly condemn these unlawful attacks; to commit to vigorous efforts to prevent them, and to investigate and prosecute them; and to proactively engage with the affected faith communities to ensure their concerns and security needs are being met.

            According to Stepman, the letter was signed by Brian Burch (president of Catholic Vote), Tony Perkins (president of the Family Research Council), Jeanne Mancini (president of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund), Ben Carson (former secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute), Kevin Roberts (president of The Heritage Foundation), and Jessica Anderson (executive director of Heritage Action for America).

            Stepman noted that the “escalating wave of attacks on pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations” have had little attention from the media. He wrote that The Washington Stand (news site of Family Research Council) reported “at least 41 separate incidents of violent attacks against churches, pro-life organizations, and pro-life property across the country” the Supreme Court draft was leaked on May 2 leak.

The radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge took credit for recent vandalism and arson and said it would continue acts of violence.

From here forward, any anti-choice group who closes their doors, and stops operating will no longer be a target. But until you do, it’s open season, and we know where your operations are.

            Jane’s Revenge is not the only pro-abortion group committing illegal and/or violent acts. The group known as Ruth Sent Us has been active in protesting at the homes of several conservative justices. They recently sent out an open invitation to protest at the home of Justice Amy Coney Barrett as well as her church and the school that her children attend.

If you’re in the D.C. metro area, join us. Our protests at Barrett’s home moved the needle to this coverage. Falls Church is a People of Praise stronghold. She sends her seven kids to a People of Praise school that she sat on the Board of Directors for. She attends church DAILY.

            Neither President Joe Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris have condemned the protests. Neither was there any condemnation from them after an alleged attempt to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi discussed her own pro-abortion views when she was asked about the violence. The Department of Justice fails to stop the protests or to investigate the threats against the justices even though it is illegal to protest at a federal judge's or a justice's home. It is like the Democrat leaders want the violence to continue.

            The formal Supreme Court decision will come out in the next few weeks – either the end of June or the first part of July. If the Justices are not swayed by the violence, the decision will send the question of abortion back to the states where it belongs. If the past is a precursor to the future, we can expect more violence without the DOJ or the Democrat-controlled cities and states doing anything to stop it. More property will be destroyed, and people may lose their lives. When will the violence on the Left be treated the same way as the assault on the Capitol Building? Never, if it is left to the Democrats!


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