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Monday, June 20, 2022

How Important Are Fathers in the Lives of Their Children?

            Since this is the week of Father’s Day, my VIP for this week is fathers who impact their posterity for good. There are people in our society who believe that fathers are unnecessary in the lives of children, at least after the act of conception. The Child and Family Advocacy Society at Brigham Young University-Idaho believes otherwise. They recently posted a meme with the following information on Facebook.

Fathers do much more than society realizes. They provide important socializing skills, moral traits, and even physiological changes when present in their children’s lives. Children suffer when fathers aren’t present. How has your father blessed your life?

Fathers PLAY Differently

They tickle, wrestle, and roughhouse more. This kind of play helps children learn when not to use physical violence. Through the father’s play children learn self-control.

Fathers BUILD Confidence

Fathers tend to encourage running faster, climbing higher, and throwing farther. Fathers encourage children to push limits. This helps children learn boundaries and strengths, which builds confidence.

Fathers PREPARE for the World

Fathers are more likely to deliver hard truths that need to be heard. They value children knowing the reality, even if the truth might be uncomfortable or unflattering.

Fathers DISCIPLINE Differently

Fathers tend to focus on justice, fairness, and duty. They tend to enforce rules more consistently and timely. Children develop a stronger sense of right and wrong.

Fathers SPEAK Differently

Fathers don’t tend to modify their language when speaking to children. Father’s teach new words, expand comprehension, strengthen linguistic skills.

Why Fathers Matter

63% of teen suicides are fatherless

70% of juvenile delinquents are fatherless

71% of dropouts are fatherless

80% of rapists are fatherless

85% of youths in prison are fatherless

90% of homeless children are fatherless

            The post emphasized that “both fathers and mothers are important” in the lives of their children. “It is their strengths and differences that create healthy children. Fathers are a vital part of a child’s development.” Another bit of information: “Sadly, over fifteen million children in the US are living in a fatherless home – 25% of all children have this reality.”

            Today, I want to recognize the men who are fathering their children. As a grandmother, I have lots of opportunities to watch how my children mother and father their children. I must say that I am amazed at their parenting skills. All of my grandchildren live in homes where their fathers and mothers are actively involved with them. For this fact, I am grateful!

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