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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remember September 11, 2001

What were you doing eight years ago when you first heard that an airplane had hit the tower in New York City?
I remember well what I was doing. I was up very early in the morning in order to teach a class of teenagers at our church before they went to public high school. I remember that I was in my teenage daughter's bedroom braiding her hair when an announcement came over the radio that an airplane had hit the first tower. I assumed that a private aircraft had strayed from the flight pattern and had hit the tower by accident.
Just then the announcement was made that a second airplane had hit the second tower. Without knowing anything else, I immediately recognized that our country was under attack. Only later did I understand that the airplanes involved were airliners.
My thoughts went to my daughter-in-law who was on a red-eye flight from Anchorage, Alaska, to Salt Lake City, Utah. What was happening to her? I was very grateful when she called soon after landing to let us know that she was okay.
I remember watching with horror as we learned of a third airplane hitting the Pentagon and a fourth going down in a field in Pennsylvania. I remember the scare that we had right here in Anchorage when we thought that a hijacked aircraft was heading for our city and the relief when that aircraft was diverted to another airport in Canada.
I remember feeling the need to fly my United States flag and feeling as one with my friends and neighbors who were also flying their flags. I remember being comforted by seeing the beautiful red, white and blue Stars and Stripes flying.
I remember the stillness of the day when no airplanes were flying over our city. I remember that it was hunting season and under normal circumstances there would have been many small aircraft flying. I remember driving to our local seaplane base to retrieve some items that my husband needed from our own float plane. I remember how very much alone I felt driving around the lake and seeing no other human beings in an area that is usually very busy.
I remember the day that terrorists came into our nation and did their best to destroy our country. I remember every time that I go through security at an airport that I now must partially undress and submit to any searching needed because of those terrorists. I remember why I have to submit to those changes and I remember who caused those changes.
I am determined to keep the memories of September 11, 2001, bright and never forget that approximately 3000 Americans lost their lives that day and that their friends and families still suffer from the loss of their loved ones.
I will be flying my flag on September 11, 2009, in memory of the day that evil men attacked our nation. Will you join me and help turn our nation red, white and blue once again by flying your American flag on that day?

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